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Posted by Cayla Capri
Gifts Maid To Please
Gifts maid to please cover full
Your bridesmaids are your go-to-gals when you’ve got good dish to spill, when you feel a lengthy rant coming on, and when your hairdresser comes thisclose to convincing you a page-boy haircut would look darling. They don’t just take care of your wedding day; they take care of you, every day. You love and trust the bejesus out of your little entourage, and now it’s time to show your thanks with a ribbon-tied gesture appreciation.
leave them sparkling
Gifts maid to please 1
Velvet sachets and aqua blue boxes are always good signs. You won’t leave them guessing, but you won’t leave them disappointed either.
Pearl studs, Swarovski chandeliers, chunky costume necklaces, crystal pendants and tennis wristlets are all up for grabs, depending on your girlfriends’ personal likes. If taste runs deep and uniformly throughout the whole lot, matching pieces can be sweet and sentimentally reminiscent of those childhood forget-me-nots, like charm bracelets and half-heart best-friend necklaces. If styles vary, pick and choose jewelry for each individual. They’ll appreciate all the thought and effort you put into it.
leave them pampered
Gifts maid to please 2
After the marathon that is pre-wedding prep, your girls deserve a day of getting spoiled rotten. A spa day is perfect because it’s an experience that will leave them with a palpable sense of calm. The best part? You get to unfurl with them.
Massages, from the aromatic hot oil treatments to the reflexology, are relaxation at their comatoseiest. But if that gets too pricey, treat yourselves to an hour of chit-chat and tabloid perusal while your mani-pedicurists go to town, buffing, filing, shaping, scraping and polishing the dead cells out of your cuticles. Facials are great too cause they’ll leave no lady camera-shy on wedding day.
leave them stylish
Gifts maid to please 3
An accessory is the perfect little token of thanks. Plus, it’s common knowledge that a girl can never have too many purses, scarves or shoes. It’s practically a proverb.
If your bridesmaids are paying for their own dresses, regale them with complementary colorful pashminas: practical for a chilly night; pretty always. Dressy clutches also work both ways, but purchase ones with detailed embroidery or intricately sequined designs. This way, there’ll be no mistaking that purse as anything but a lovely piece of art. Forget diamonds, shoes are a girls real best friend, so if you’re up on their size and style, indulge them with a hot pump or sexy sandal.
leave them misty-eyed
Gifts maid to please 4
If tear-jerking’s taken the form of your appreciation, pinpoint what makes your girlfriends tick; then dress it up with enough sentimentality to jerk their souls. For an avid-reader or rhapsodist, the first edition of a beloved collection or childhood favorite is enough to make a grown bookworm weep. Putting a photo album together is time consuming, making it all the more meaningful. It’s also tangible proof that you two (or three, or four) are inseparable, and your love unconditional. Personalized frames will tug at those same heart strings, so if you’re not swimming in nostalgic photographs, go with just one.
leave them entertained
Gifts maid to please 5
Were you and your ladies love at first pop culture reference? Celebrate your shared love of all things escapist with movie tickets or DVD box sets (TV’s finest hour-long capers, chick flicks, smutty comedies, classics). Girl’s night out has never looked to sweetly junior high, and girl’s night in never so indulgent (chocolate fondue in front of a SATC marathon totally rivals nachos in front of football).
For entertainment of the upscale kind, purchase tickets for concerts, operas, ballets, Cirque du Soleil or whatever else suits your gals’ fancy. Buy extra for their sweethearts, or go together for a real linked-arm, women taking back the night sort of evening.
leave them salivating
Gifts maid to please 6
A true foodie may cringe when you call them one, but connoisseur, gourmand- what do you care when you’re sitting in your girlfriend’s kitchen “helping” her taste-test that batch of candied-hazelnut apricot-jam cupcakes. If you find your favorite bon viveur as irresistible as her signature confections, find something to tickle her taste buds; something a bit out of her price range. A basket of specialty goods (dark chocolate, home-made cookies, tisanes, olive and truffle oils, jams from the market and fair-trade coffee) assembled by you is the ultimate token of adoration. Bulk up that basket with a gourmet cookbook, some baking supplies or a small spice-rack. If this is our of your price range, take your girl(s) out for a little wining and dining.