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Posted by Cayla Capri
Gifts Usher Bet
Gifts usher bet cover full
Ushering’s no walk down the aisle: he’s typically the first to arrive, the last to leave and the one ensuring that in between, all guests are greeted, escorted to their seats and generally kept quietly happy. Clearly, the boy’s got to have skills and stamina. And on top of a mound of duties, he has to rent or buy a nice suit, and often, help organize a bachelor party. That last task may not give you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, but make no mistake, this guy’s the man, and as such, deserves a little gesture of gratitude. It’s hard enough shopping for your fiancé, let alone your fiancé’s man friend, so feel free to steal a suggestion or two from below.
a little sumthin’ sumthin’ - accessories for men
Gifts usher bet 1
Cufflinks are like button’s classy, distinguished dad: decorative fasteners that keep the cuffs of a dress shirt together. They can be made of fabric, silver or gold, and vary in designs and prices. If you’re looking to get fancy, go for cufflinks enriched with semi-precious stones or crystals. If you’re keeping it caj, go for the fun stuff, like sports team logos, or the tongue-in-cheek, like a skull-and-crossbones. For a personalized touch, ask the jeweler to monogram the usher’s initials into your gift.
Gifts usher bet 2
Provided he’s not already strapped-up, watches are one practical no-brainer of a gift. If he’s athletic, opt for a simple waterproof and/or digital piece. If he’s the textbook definition of sophistication, set your sights on a pocket watch or a classic leather or metal ‘bracelet’ strap.
Gifts usher bet 3
Belts are great gifts for guys because, well, they wear pants, and seem to have an inordinate amount of trouble keeping them up. A black, leather belt is most versatile and your safest bet, because it’s appropriate for both formal and casual occasions. Get a rough estimate of his pant size, (you can recruit your fiancé for help on this one) then purchase a belt that’s about two sizes larger. As a side-gift, buy him a stylish, or an oversized, kitschy belt buckle.
car stuff
Gifts usher bet 4
If your usher’s a bonafide ‘car guy,’ get him something that will make running errands feel like joyriding. MP3 player adapters make for great gifts because they’ll allow him to listen to his own playlist while driving. Some adapters connect to the cassette tape deck, some can be plugged into the cigarette lighter, and other, wireless ones transmit signals through the FM radio.
A friend who’s strapped for cash will definitely appreciate a gas card, which is basically a gift certificate to gas stations. If he’s chatty or just really important, get him a Bluetooth headset, so he can yak, hands-free.
getting to the fun part
Gifts usher bet 5
Maybe your usher craves a little excitement in his life, and maybe he just already owns more man accessories than he could ever hope for. Either way, treating him to something unconventional and unique is a surefire way to create a bond.
poker chip set
Gifts usher bet 6
Let a poker-shark, casino-junkie, Vegas poster-boy bring the luck home with his very own customized chip set. You can have the chips and/or case engraved with his initials, making his guys-only poker nights that much more awesome.
men’s magazine subscription
Gifts usher bet 7
Probably not the first gift idea that comes to mind, but there are lots of great magazines out there targeted towards men. Esquire and GQ are clever and topical, with subjects ranging from fashion to politics. Maxim’s a self-proclaimed provocative rag your usher’s sure to enjoy, but if he’s big on sports and exercise, try Men’s Fitness or Sports Illustrated.
the experience
Gifts usher bet 8
Tangibility doesn’t always guarantee memorability. However, an aces experience will not be soon forgotten. Buy him tickets to a big game, or a gift certificate to play a few rounds at the local putting green. If he’s not so hot on sports, purchase tickets to see a beloved band perform live. If all else fails, treat him (and if he’s got one, his sweetheart) to dinner at a restaurant, or wine and dine them at your place.