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Health & Beauty
Posted by Cayla Capri
Glow It Up
Glow it up cover full
Get pretty with a little (just a little) summery glow. But caution is key when going chromatic because a backless gown exposing a crisscrossed tan line- not such a good look. Neither is peeling skin, streaky skin, an orange-stained white dress, melanoma, or well, you get it- a lot can go wrong. It can also go nice and smooth, (smooth as tanning mousse) if you take a few precautions and opt for faking your way to bronzed-goddesshood. If you must bake your way, you need to get a bit serious about your sun-kissed fun- maybe like a dollop of organic sunscreen's worth.
sunless tanning
Glow it up 1
Don’t hop on the bronzed bandwagon just before the wedding. During the few months leading up to your day, you’re your own guinea pig. Experiment with a variety of brands and techniques, making sure you’re using different gunk on your face and body. At the very least, you should play chemist and combine one part self-tanner with one part moisturizer before applying (in upward, circular motions) to your mug.
Avoid the dreaded streak just by showing a little love to your skin: exfoliate, moisturize, and re-exfoliate those sandpaper spots, as in your elbows and knees. This will give you a smooth canvas to work with, not to mention some darn pretty skin.
Go get sunless sun-tanned with the help of a professional. The results will be instant and flawless. Again, this is not meant to be a last-minute activity, like applying a second coat of lipstick or redoing the mascara you’ve already cried-off, because an orange-streaked gown is as big a no-no as an orange streaked back.
mousses vs sprays
Glow it up 2
First-timers will find perfecting the sunless tan an easy task when using a mousse or lotion, which is simply massaged into the virgin skin. It’s not quite as straightforward as drenching your gams in the bronze stuff, but those who take the time to get a steady, even blend going are those who will come out looking naturally glow-y. And those who remember to wash their hands, won’t wake up with Garfield paws.
If you’ve already got the fake-tanning thing down, you’re probably comfortable enough using a spray. Don’t get too cocky though: remember to start from your ankles and work your way up carefully, keeping the can as far from your body as your hyper-extension will allow. If you make a little woops, don’t panic, just exfoliate the orange skin away.
under the sun
Glow it up 3
Don’t push you skin too far- tan a little every day. You may modestly increase the increments as you darken.
Be nice to yourself – exfoliate and moisturize your skin until it’s smooth and even. This will eliminate the opportunity for splotchy tan lines and peeling patches to worm their way into your wedding photos.
Apply a non-greasy, moisturizing organic sunscreen, even if it seems counterintuitive. If you’re only starting to tan just before you’re wedding, don’t try and speed up the glow by skipping this step, even if that means waking down the aisle just a few shades darker than fair. This is a way better alternative to having peeling, rough, itchy, painful burns which will eventually morph into an uneven tan and maybe, unfortunately, sometime down the line, some nasty health issues.
After coming in from the sun, bathe or shower in cool water. It will soothe your tan and snap those vulnerable pores shut. Then moisturize some more. If you feel a burn coming on, apply some aloe vera asap and hope for the best.