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Posted by Cayla Capri
Greece Eros Is Eros Is Eros
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Dying to set your inner sun-tanned, golden-locked, bikini-clad goddess free? Take your honeymooning on over to Greece, where you can laze and lounge about the Mediterranean landscape post nuptials. Island-hopping is a must for those trying to get the biggest bang for their buck. But with all those classic whitewash houses and gorgeous beaches right outside your window, spending a night-in with room service- just you and your man admiring the view- can provide the same spine-tingling thrill as being down with the mob.
the romance
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Couples seeking a romantic escape will appreciate the breathtaking scenery of Santorini, the volcanic island. Its capital, Fira, is perched atop of a cliff, providing one heck of a panoramic view. Clink espresso shots at a local café or wine glasses at a vineyard, then take a flourishing, unbeaten-path home to walk off that buzz.
Galleries, museums and monuments make Athens one of the most exhilarating cities in Greece. Visit the Parthenon and Athena’s ancient temple, then sit atop the acropolis overlooking the city, where you can seductively hand-feed each other grapes (it’s as close to Zeus and Hera in the clouds as you’re going to get.)
the scenery
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The island of Rhodes will enchant you with its mountainous landscape, unaffected villages and classical architecture. Its capital city, the largest inhabited medieval town in Europe, will lay on the charm with its winding cobblestone streets and impressive cultural heritage.
The scenery on the island of Crete is stunning, period. Draws include: its dramatic gorges, sandy beaches, groves of olive trees and vineyards. Crete is also home to the famous ruins of Knossos, a Bronze Age archaeological site that is definitely worth your viewing.
the adventure
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Paros’ got a beach for every personality: secluded, uncultivated, or brimming with peeps. Many of the busier beaches offer water sports and activities, ranging from windsurfing and kiteboarding (yearly competitions are offered) to kayaking and trekking.
Like Paros, the island of Lefkada offers excellent conditions for sweat-breaking water sports. The island also boasts a rich cultural history, so be sure to hit up one of their many museums or libraries for a little mental work out.
the secrets
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On the island of Amorgos, visitors can view the wonder of the Monastery of Hozoviotissa, an incredible architectural structure wedged into the side of a mountain. The narrow, winding streets leading through this unique island will allow you to discover the many secrets of Amorgos.
Naxos is one untainted, unspoiled virgin island, jam-packed with natural beauty and scant of touristy stuff. Here, you can visit the authentic villages that remain historically intact, the archaeological temple sites, the beautiful Byzantine churches and the remains of Venetian castles.
the attractions
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Mykonos is a beautiful island with amazing beaches and whitewashed houses, but really it gets a wink for its juiced-up nightlife and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Couples will enjoy spending their nights wassailing in clubs amongst the trendy, ready-for-anything locals.
Ios is an island that has something for everyone. Partiers have found their haven in downtown Ios, while couples looking for a quiet, romantic stay will appreciate the calm beaches and splendor of the landscape. Admirers of the Greek poet Homer can visit his grave, and lovers of architecture can view some seriously spectacular windmills and archaeological ruins.
before you go
What to Expect
Spring: Cool and sunny (low 20s), with March – May having the best deals.
Summer: Sunny and hot (around 30 degrees), with August being the busiest and most expensive month
Fall: Sunny and warm (mid-20s), with September – October having the best deals.
Winter: Cold and rainy (around 10 degrees)
Dress light and casual.
Euro (€)
The Lingo
Greek, English
A valid passport
Local Delicacies
Stifado: Pieces of meat and onion in a wine and cinnamon stew
Baklava: thin layers of pastry with chopped nuts and honey