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Posted by Cayla Capri
Green Doing The Body Good
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If you’re on the path to goddess type goodness, lasting welfare and all, you might try cozying on up with the planet, getting into the eco-spirit with a little green pampering. As the world gets smaller and our society bio-friendlier, some spas are getting in the mineral-spring of things, beginning to offer natural alternatives to once synthetic treatments, while others are going full-blown green, implicitly promoting health and exercising exotic treatments with long-term benefits of natural, all-encompassing beauty. No matter how small, every step towards a well-rounded wellbeing counts ocean’s full.
what makes a green spa green
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The green spa philosophy’s not so loose and easy with its tenets because the environment’s serious stuff, deserving of its own set of strict commandments. So how can you tell if your spa’s playing by the rules? Check off how many Thou Shalt’s they embody and judge their commitment for yourself. Keep in mind the relative verdancy of the craze, and that going green’s no overnight feat, so any establishment working its way into Mother Nature’s good books is worth rooting somewhat patiently for.
Espace Nomad, Montreal's premiere green spa, gives us insight into a green spa’s most respected principles:
a green spa shall...
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Be zen in attitude and atmosphere.
Tellingly, décor should exude a certain respectful emulation of the natural environment, with house plants donating oxygen, an earthy color scheme harmonizing the indoors with the out, and a product shelf boasting organic ingredients. You may even just sense the transcendence through the overwhelming absence of irritating artificial perfumes.
Employ an eco-conscious staff.
Spa employees should be able to answer any and all questions you have concerning the friendliness of their products and the company’s policy of sustainability. Peruse their website and stack of pamphlets for conspicuous evidence of bio-compassion, an awareness of ever-evolving discoveries and a willingness to change with the times.
Exploit solar energy to its limits.
Not every resort is so lucky to be located where the sun perpetually basks, city spas really getting the dirt end of the stick, but just as long as the establishment makes the most of the natural resource, it’s golden.
Conserve water at all costs.
A real green spa won’t shy from low-flow faucets, shower-heads and toilets, no matter the initial arm and a leg loss.
Reduce, reuse, recycle.
Look for indications of active waste/toxic chemical reduction, like green-approved cleaning, laundry and landscaping products, recycling containers, and recyclable plastics, glass and (unbleached) papers.
Clothe customers in natural fibers.
Robes, towels and furniture slip-covers should be woven from natural materials. Given the chance to breathe, your skin will be eternally grateful.
Serve organic bites.
Green spas often dish up or sell organic, vegan cuisine and fair trade tea with fair trade sugar: good, clean, guilt-free eats.
Embrace and endorse natural products.
When pampered properly, you should be treated to natural skin products high in anti-aging antioxidants. Gentler on the skin and the earth than their toxin and chemical-ridden counterparts, you’ll reap long-term benefits. And you may begin to see that human health and environmental wellbeing are intimately connected and ultimately interdependent.
espace nomad
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Montreal’s Espace Nomad is an example of a spa jumping on the bio-bandwagon, while finding its own niche within a hot trend. Instituting nothing but greenery within its walls, from their vegan lunches to their blood orange exfoliants to their very own in-house herbalist, Espace Nomad finds its inspiration in a Bali-originated movement towards total, natural healing. The spa respects the environment with plant-based products and Eastern-meditated style.
One treatment unique to Espace Nomad is the Tram Massage, a vibration rubdown that focuses on the chakras and the relocation of energy. No machinery is involved, as your therapist will employ hands-on techniques to make yours insides sense vibrations. The massage is known to relax the heart and revitalize the mind, by stimulating chakras, working your concentration levels and reducing stress.