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Posted by Cayla Capri
Hand It To The Groom
Hand it to the groom cover full
You’re each other’s Number One fans, but there’s no denying - when it comes to recognizing the higher aesthete, you rule the roost. Don’t expect him to know a Calla lily from a dandelion, or that red and yellow only go together on hamburgers. This isn’t to say he should be bashfully banished to the Hall-of-Shame, and then drudgingly dragged back out come vow-time – but just that compromise and consideration go hand-in-hand, especially when it comes to incorporating the good ol’ groom into the wedding planning foray.
a-tisket, a-task-it
Hand it to the groom 1
The most reliable antidote against compositional catastrophe comes in the piece-of-cake form of delegation. Get out the Sharpie and get to work, marking up the calendar with big and bold essential to-do tidbits. This way everything is laid out on the table – nothing can be oopsy-daisy-ly overlooked. Go Old West on him - straight-shootin’ directions work best on these handsome homo sapien specimens. If he has a tangible list of tasks in his back pocket, he’ll be able to maneuver it into his own schedule, elevating any nagging-like sensations that may unintentionally arise. Make sure that you’re both in agreement over any aspect that could cost a considerable penny.
circle a or b
Hand it to the groom 2
Having a host of options prepped and ready is your optimal tool to help you reign in his sometimes not-so-undivided attention. Simply asking him about his ideal ceremony or dreamt-up honeymoon is going to leave him floundering through a sea of ellipses. Keep in mind that a barrage of options may also overwhelm him, so in the name of pacified love, nuzzle your way towards a middle-ground. There are going to be certain categories that you should just appoint yourself head of right off the bat, for example color schemes and bridal attendant gifts. While he may not be the champ of hot-house blooms, he most likely can rock those tunes like nobody’s business.
his favorite things
Hand it to the groom 3
Play it cool by allowing your dude to release that inner party animal post-grad may have squelched (just maybe not the beer-pong part). Are his college mixologist skills buzz-a-licious? Let him come up with the bar menu. Send him off on a wine-tasting excursion, or to a meeting with the caterer for some tongue-tantalizing taste-testing. Watch him jump at the chance to choose the DJ, audition possible bands, or select the set-list himself. He’ll be pleased as punch at picking out your set of wheels for the day, and most likely happy as a clam schmoozing and grooving with vendors over reception venues and after-party locales.
If he happens to be a tech-y, have him design your wedding website, wedding programs, or review portfolios of potential photographers and videographers. If he’s a man-about-town, have him make out the cheques, book the hotel, or pick up the dry cleaning. If you’re having a wild and woody shindig, put him in charge of renting the tent. For the brownie points of a life time, suggest he send his mother and mother-in-law a bouquet of roses the morning of the big day.
flaunt your savoire-faire
Hand it to the groom 4
Some men may be experiencing a hidden anxiety over getting the wedding just right in order to appease their leading lady. Others may find themselves at a loss upon entering the nuptial-planning ballpark, fearing that any blunder on their part could bring down the house (literally). Soothe his silent turmoil by suppressing your inner feminist - convey a little damsel-in-distress ‘tude by letting him know just how much you need and appreciate his opinion, know-how, capability, and support.
When asking for his two cents, really consider this invaluable input – avoid making an empty gesture that feels more like a pat-on-the-head than a genuine inquiry. Try not to make eagle-eyes over his every step – he’s sure to pull through in the end (trust in him to know how much this event means to the both of you). Remember there will always be certain areas of expertise where mothers, sisters, and best pals make better (and prettier!) advisors – know where to turn if you need that extra helping hand.