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Posted by Cayla Capri
Help Yourself To A Wedding Planner
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Experience will teach most brides that nitpicking and sweating small stuff just isn’t worth it. No matter how many minor, barely-there emergencies, the day’s going to breeze on by merrily. Still, despite the number of married friends and wedding ‘zines assuring you all fallbacks are clouded by an unmitigated glee, a bit of pre-planning jitter and negotiation cold-feet is bound to infiltrate. The only foolproof way to ensure lighthearted bridedom is to hire that magical worry-dumping ground we call the stoic and smart wedding planner.
those in need of a pick-me-up
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Informal backyard bashes and other weddings of a homey nature can do without the expert interference. That being said, the other ninety-five percent of fantasy weddings should be handed over to the industry’s dream makers. Those with big budgets and guest lists of telephone book proportions are, above all, warned against mulling over the hired planner. But even the more modest wedded wannabes should leave apprehensions at the door and opt for care-freedom.
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Similarly to when you were man-hunting (or coyly luring them in), gut instincts always apply: choosing a wedding planner is about clicking off the bat. Chemistry should run high, and once first impressions have left you both willing to link arms and window shop, it’s time to get into the hairier details. Make sure your visions collide with ease; realistic budgets should be tailored to what you consider essential splurges or prefer to be bargain basement.
buh-bye, prolonged planning
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Weddings can take about three to twelve months of planning. You could be looking at a half-year of lunch breaks no longer defined by mindlessly scarfing chow mein, evenings seriously lacking in reality television and weekends ample in up to the neck coordination.
A wedding planner will resuscitate your social life by narrowing vendors to the most reputable, synchronizing details, and setting up, confirming and cancelling appointments. She’ll work out your wedding’s details, and the list does goes on: everything from table settings to courtesy calls to menu advice to payment deadlines to unanswered invites to cake sampling (although maybe you can handle that one on your own). Take a deep breath, uncork a bottle and click on the tube because absolutely everything will be arranged and assembled guardian-angelically by your WP.
sayonara nags ‘n’ negotiation
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Both the sheepish and the short-fused can relax, because someone else will be doing the negotiation. After all, vendors are best haggled without the inherent guilt or the too-spirited verve. With a planner in tow, discounts are not just a thing of wedding folklore, as vendors rely on organizers for promotion and future business. Therefore, hiring a WP could help you save, or at least break even. Even if you don’t, that extra bit of lost cash is well worth tasks undelegated to relatives and meetings unsuffered by you fiancé.
Even if you’re the Bridezilla antithesis, wedding day intricacies might still befuddle and overwhelm. This is a planner’s actual job, and most vendors prefer to work with a cool, confident professional. And a happy vendor equals bouquets untainted by stress and music unsullied by sulking, which ultimately equals a happier, calmer you.