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Posted by Cayla Capri
Here Comes Truffle
Here comes truffle cover full
This fun-umongous, cuisinary creature, blossoms and fruitifies into tree-hugging, haute couture little bodies. With love, they are sought out and plucked in hopes of turning already cream of the crop dishes into fantastical art pieces. Known as the ‘diamond of the kitchen' by gastronomes spanning the ages – these ‘genus tubers’ are revered in sweeping country side settings such as Northern Italy, Croatia, Spain, and France. The key to mastering the truffle is minimalism – a shaving here, a niblet there – served either fresh or preserved in all of its earthy glory.
black or white
Here comes truffle 1
These little fusspots of pungent delights are particular lil’individuals. White truffles, most affiliated with the magical Italian town of Alba, may be served raw or delicately shaved over a burgeoning hot plate of authentic pasta – think angelic tagliolini. The appropriately named Black Périgord truffle, heralding from the Périgord region of France, is less phew-smelling, (and kitschily one of the key notes of a Tom Ford perfume). If the truffle is slender, it can be snuck into such creamy concoctions of foie gras, pâtés, and mayonnaise dip.
tartufi time
Here comes truffle 2
When it comes to truffles – no plastic duffel bag storing – Paper Bag Princess them or freeze the rest inside a steadfast glass jar. Bathe your beauties in olive oil or store them fridge-style up to 3 days. For creative gourmets, bury the truffles in a paper towel, deep inside a container of wild rice, and watch as their aroma permeates the grains, upping the ante of your next meal.
In preparation land, you’ll want to gently brush the nitty gritty off the truffle’s top with something soft like a toothbrush and cold water, then go to town allowing the tartufo slices to permeate your glistening fondue. Italian White can sell for close to 2000 dollars, but never fear, a drizzle of truffle oil won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Instead the oil creates the mirage of a trufflesque scent sure to tantalize the tastebuds. Try it with luscious bites of fresh tiger shrimp.
menu magnifico
Here comes truffle 3
Pull out all the stops at your wedding feast extravaganza - fine wines, bursting bubbly, aged cheese fondues, spice of saffrons – and last but not least, a marbleized ripple of high-end sensory sporedom. Think summer truffle butter, roasted quail with shallot and truffle stuffing, veal sweetbread with truffle sauce, baked truffle brie en croute, and over-the-top indulgence with the cool forest Tuscan bramble in the form of truffle custards with crab and cavier.