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Posted by Cayla Capri
Hot Seats Unique Place Settings
Hot seats unique place settings cover full
This is the place card’s moment in the spotlight. They’ve got more airtime on indie wedding blogs than cupcakes, they’re every bit as edible and DIY as the favors – and they’re looking cuter than baby shoes. Get sweet on these place non-cards as they put mini grilled cheese and chocolate fortune cookies to shame.
place cards
suspend your disbelief
Hot seats unique place settings 1
There’s a reason apple picking is so popular, and it’s got nothing to do with the too-brisk air or dubious ladders – it’s because standing on your tippy-toes is fun.
Make guests reach for the cards with:
strings of crepe-paper garlands
a wrought-iron gate
tree branches
clever tip
Labelled cards are so not yesterday. Instead, dangle numbered Polaroids of the guests in question. So retro.
return to earth
You can take the place card out of the air, but you can’t take the ethereal out of the place card.
Bring on the whimsy with:
pinwheels in a box of fresh green grass
a field of cacti planters
library cards peeking saucily from hardcover classics
a tray of numbered French fry cones to be plucked - and then partnered with their mayo-tin matches creamily awaiting at every place setting
table numbers and names
do them a favor
Hot seats unique place settings 3
A goodie and table-card in one is just goodie economic sense.
Save generously with:
numbered jam jars - these are filled with sand, but jam’s so much better on toast
whoopee pies/cupcakes with numbered toppers (Jordan almond, you’ve been replaced)
pears branded with letter brads - but go with a rugged and sexy Bosco
jars of many-colored lollipops for everyone!, tied with rainbow ribbons
sass acts
The following are not for guests to take home. They are for guests to gawk at with wonder and jealousy.
Earn your design goddess moniker by tagging:
little nests of speckled 'eggs'
gerbera daisy planters
doll house furniture (brownie points for those collectable chair miniatures; full on girl scout points for a melange of mahogany beds, antique dressers, gas stoves, brass-footed tubs and street lamps)
kazoos - encouraging loved ones to swap the classic glass-clinking for the much more awesome plastic-toy blowing
clever tip
Because individual treats add up, erect a dozen or so chalkboards listing the special guests on tonight’s table.