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Posted by Cayla Capri
I Want Candy
I want candy cover full
If you’ve always wanted Willy Wonka for your best man, embody your sugar-spun fantasy with a Candyland-inspired wedding. A little pop culture tidbit – the word ‘sugar’ is derived from the Sanskrit word, ‘çahn-da,’ meaning ‘piece of.’ Too-sweet-to-be-true morsels make for dee-lightful inspiration when it comes to conjuring up a saucily butterscotch ceremony. Caramelize your special day with Turkish delight and peppermint patties, coating your attendants in candy-floss colors, and sprinkling your guests with a deluge of dulcification. The result? A malted, cherry-on-top reverie of tiny-tot wonder and grown-up scrumptiousness.
visions of sugarplums
I want candy 1
In the world of confection, as the sugar concentration increases, the boiling point rises. So don’t be afraid to push the limits of this toothsome indulgence. You’ll want to recreate an atmosphere that is irresistibly and unapologetically sensational. Delineate your decor down any candy-cane path you prefer. If you want to reign in the syrupy stuff, keep it delicate and wistful with hints of ambrosia and peach melba. If you’re overwhelmed by the rainbow amounts of assortment out there, narrow down your thematic elements - for example, try French flirt – petit fours accents with a pink, black, and white color scheme.
I want candy 2
If you’re creatively inclined, incorporate the actual board game into your reception with replicas of gumdrop mountains and peppermint stick forests. Take clear vases and fill them with Skittles, M&M’s, swizzle sticks, or rock candy. Hire a florist to dye rose blooms in poptastic hues and incorporate such pastel-prettiness into your sashes and overlays. Cupcake or brandyball topiaries are sure to impress, while an altar of multicolored balloon clusters will keep spirits high.
Stylistically, cellophane and Styrofoam will help you complete the Candyland look if you want to design life-size garnishes. Spray paint lofty tufts of cotton batting and go wild spreading this trompe d’oeil all around your venue. For girlie gifts that say thank-you to your peppy maids, give pop-rock scented shower gel, personalized mint tins, or cartoon Pez dispensers. Try personalized chocolate bar wrappers, marshmallow ice-cream cones, or aww-inducing bird’s nests filled with almond dragees for table-markers.
ultimate eye-candy
I want candy 3
Call on a palette of pinks, turquoises, creams, chick-yellows, and mint-greens to help your fluff up your image. Candy-couture can be as simple as adding flourishes of shell-like colorimetry – wrap your besties’ waists with a hot-pink sash, don robin-egg blue pumps, or sweep your lids with your jellybean shade of choice. Have fun with your lipstick – choose one that is stand-out smoochable with a super-duper lustre. Bat eyelashes reminiscent of a southern carnivale or choose jewelry embellishments that shine like cake-icing (candy bracelets and necklaces also make witty adornments). Clutch a bouquet constructed of swirly lollipops or candied apples. Whichever lucky gal catches the creation will be hard pressed to resist chopping down!
satisfy your sweet tooth
I want candy 4
One thing’s for sure – your cake has got to be tiers and tiers of festooned edibleness. Opt for flavors of marzipan, butter cream, or marbled chocolate in cutesy bundt or cupcake shapes. To keep blood sugar levels from shooting through the roof, serve lollipop-shaped hors d’oeuvres, candy sushi, and retro cartons of popcorn. Use cookie cutters to make gingerbread-man-shaped sandwiches. To wash down this delectable delirium, set up a soda bar, or offer strawberry shakes and pink lemonade. Mix up a cotton-candy martini, the Creamiscle (Cointreau, cream and vodka), or the Sweet Tart (lime, pineapple juice, and raspberry liqueur).
guests in a candy store
I want candy 5
The key to Candyland success is to keep it light-hearted, fun, and oh-so dreamy. A cotton-candy cart is a must, while a chocolate fountain, gumball machine, and sundae bar (outfitted in chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and marachinos), will make this wedding reception a smash hit.
For your candy buffet, make it an old-fashioned affair - fill old-fashioned penny candy jars with Lemonheads, Mike and Ikes, Jubejubes, and Swedish berries. Use shiny silver scoops, while displaying heaping helpings of fudge, caramel apples, peanut brittle, and saltwater taffy. Your soundtrack should be a-buzz with hyper-locity (think Archie's, "Sugar Sugar," "Lollipop" by the Chordettes, and Christina Agilera’s “Candy-Man”). Top off the whole bash with a bubble blower and consider it a night naught to be forgotten.