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Bachelorette Parties
Posted by Cayla Capri
I Want Nail Art
Nail art cover full
For those still unawares, Nail Art is the commingling of mani and pedi-props. Everything from rhinestones to hand painted designs to 3D sculptures; all that is strange and beautiful, goes.
The Katy Perrys of our world would have you believe the oompa loompas of their nails are a Hollywood phenom. In actuality, the cheeky trend has been trendy in Japan since our grunge days, though we can thank celebs for its proliferation on this side of the Pacific.
candy nail bar
Nail art 1
Candy Nail Bar is one of a kind in Montreal – a hot-pink and black boutique for ladies who love nails, and for those who fetishize them. While the classic, lucid manicure sits tight on the menu, the artful reliefs are the reason to go. Appropriating names from fashion capitals (see the Harajuku), the specialty manis are themed and customized to your wildest enamel fantasies. No hyperbole here: Candy Nail Bar has seen both breakfast and Jesus nails.
The Bar has collected a number of followers despite its penchant for making special occasions special-er. These Nail Art fangirls are given fidelity cards: after six trips they’re treated to a free manicure or twenty dollar rebate, plus a personalized kit is created and kept along with their color history. How cool.
Clients often enter the process with their own concept, reference points being a color they crave or a dress they want to match. If the imagination’s waning, the Bar’s on-display nails and wealth of Japanese magazines piled by the fainting couch should get those think-juices churning.
candy girls
Nail art 2
When a theme is in its fetal phase, the Candy Girls, a.k.a. not-your-average-manicurists, make it feasible, make it tasteful, make it fun. Their personalities and hair are just about as colorful as the lacquer selection, which by the way, is the best of the brand names including our beloved O.P.I.
The girls are there to offer solutions to all nail blunders, plus sometimes some real-talk. Very apropos for a so-called bar. The best part: the creative team really does work as a team, every eccentric grrl bringing her own ‘thing’ to the table. This way, you get the full treatment; a unique catered-to-you experience.
2-d art
Nail art 3
Hand-painted nails are custom as always, marbled with a color gel and small brush to create a sheen, glitter or matte design. Benefits of gel over acrylic include a more porous, flexible quality, plus a more stubborn adherence. Therefore breakage and dulling are non-issues. Gel is also odorless and far less toxic. Therefore no harm done to the whining peanut gallery, be it your mom, fiancé or kiddies.
3-d art
Nail art 4
The sculptures are of course the real kickers. Made with a liquid solution and powder, the Candy Girls have time enough to mold the burgeoning bulbs into whatever your heart desires, be it cookies, flowers or winking faces. One clever tip/trend: instead of going for broke your first time, consider a basic mani with one stand-out, candied nail. Subtle, but not.
bachelorette parties
Nail art 5
Candy Nail Bar is both a fab pre-show to your night out and a great stag girl-date in itself, if clubbing is not your style.
Once your party has arrived, the door is locked and inside, anything goes. At Candy Nail Bar it’s bring your own food, drinks and entertainment. Just to get a sense of the envelope pushing, in the past, they’ve hosted tarot card readers, oyster bars and exotic dancers. And FYI, it’s 6 lady guests min, 15 max.
clever tip
Have your stag party one week before the wedding, because, you know, you’re going to be drunk, and have your nails done (for real this time) one to two days before the wedding for optimum polish perfection