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Posted by Cayla Capri
Ideas For Your Underage Couple
Ideas for your underage couple cover full
Your ring bearer and flower girl are probably about as tradition-minded and bedroom-prop savvy as the next toddler, so while satin pillows and rose petals are hella pretty, you may consider hooking them up with something more fun. It doesn’t have to be kid-friendly, per say - just innovative and superfab.
ring boys
With the right rainbow ribbon, piece of twine or strand of suede, you can tie rings to just about anything – so no holding back allowed.
too fab to know any better
Ideas for your underage couple 1
Send your little man down the aisle with something hipper than skinny jeans and an ironic moustache combined.
an usherette confectionary/popcorn/ice cream tray – for old-timey cinema flair
a hot-as-heck hat turned upside down – something along the lines of this plumed pillbox from the V&A Museum in London, or Carrie’s very big, very strange metallic wide-brimmer
macaron pops set in a (decorated) Styrofoam block
a jazzy blown-glass bowl
twisted tradish’
Ideas for your underage couple 2
You can maintain the ritual and loftiness of the pillow without the actual pillow.
Don’t stop harkening back with:
a Moroccan lantern
a bindle sporting a vintage handkerchief
a jar of fireflies - for the aw-shucks factor
a hollowed-out book of poems - not just for mickey’s anymore!
cute enough to eat
Ideas for your underage couple 3
Allow your tummy to live vicariously through your eyes with a little appet-teaser.
a jar of lollies
a jar of apricots, plums and peaches
a small planter of tomatoes
an oversize teacup
flower gals
throw in the petals
Ideas for your underage couple 4
Just because you’re nixing the flower petals doesn’t mean you’re manning-up anything.
Keep things sweet as saccharine with:
rainbow ribbon wands
nothing but the girl’s skills - i.e. if, and only if she’s game, have her pirouette down the aisle
full-bodied, garden-style flowers, or a bouquet to pluck and toss at will
revive the flower child
Ideas for your underage couple 5
A girl with a basket is still a-tisket a-tasket a-dorable, so stick with the traditional vessel and simply innovate the content.
bubble gum, bonbons, tootsie rolls or salt-water taffy
colourful tulle or sheer scarves
itty bitty balloons in trendy wedding colors like aqua and brown (which are still in, thank Tiffany), raspberry and lime green, black and white or a melange of metallics
glitter - teaching your sweetheart to shower her path and keep clear of the guests - or go the opposite route because there’s nothing like a bedazzled dad
clever tip
Let your flower girl in on the female-ritual fun without going the little miss sunshine route. She’s got a natural flush and perfect skin – just a hair wreath, tiara or pretty head scarf will do, thanks.