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Posted by Cayla Capri
If The Hat Fits
If the hat fits cover full
Lately, all things vintage have tip-toed their way into our hearts, making the everyday drudgery of outfit assemblage a thing of tickle-trunk make-believe. The bridal ensemble may just be your most critical fashion choice, ever, but that’s no excuse to take it with tight-collared, corset-cinched seriousness. W-day’s the perfect opportunity to play dress-up, meaning you can over-sparkle, stilt-walk or plunge a little too deep and still make mom cock her head in ‘awww.’
Grab vintage by its art deco heels and engage in paper-doll fashion freedom with the ultimate in envelope-pushing accessories. In other words, get getup-ing in mystifying hats & alluring gloves, and play, play, play.
cloche quarters
If the hat fits 1
Channel flapperdom with a cloche cap to emphasize a cropped cut or coquettish gazing, and opera gloves to suggest a little more. Don’t skip out on the extra accoutrements, welcoming peacock feathers big and small, satin fans, snipped netting, floral appliqués, plastic buttons, ribbons, lace and pearls onto your chapeau. The spectrum of light’s the limit when it comes to colors, but a harmonizing white would be particularly darling, darling.
brand new leopard skin pillbox hat
If the hat fits 2
Get classy like Jackie with an O-so darling pillbox hat and wrist-length gloves. Keep white on track with cutesy detailing like French netting for the former; satin bows and conspicuous stitching for the latter. Or, embody Edie with animal-printed kitsch and poor-little-rich-girl appeal, balancing factory-days fashion on your head just like a mattress balances on a bottle of wine.
curioser and curioser
If the hat fits 3
Plunder Lewis Caroll’s fanciful brain tank and embezzle some of that celebrated creativity. Don a white top-hat, titled to the left and decked-out with blue ribbon and feathers. Miniaturize and hold in place with dainty headband, if it so suits you. Slip your arms into matching elbow-length gloves (cause we’re all mad here). For something a little more Dandizette, paint your accessories black or charcoal grey, and add a dark pendant or sash to pull the look together.
knitted together in good times and bad
If the hat fits 4
For a winter wedding, try a white, sparkly crochet beanie with complimentary knitted flower and woven fingerettes. Your exposed digits may catch a draft, but if you play your cards right - painting your nails red and clutching a rose bouquet with those snowy, laced-up hands - practicality will be the last thing on your mind.
the unbearable lightness of bride
If the hat fits 5
Go Victorian casual or Annie Hall adorable with a dark-shaded bowler cap, (grey, black, purple or teal) embracing the androgynous accessory in all its evocative kinkiness. Tack on a cut-out flower of the same shade for an unexpected dash of sugar, or color your lips red for a shot of wicked femininity. Wear short gloves, clinched at the wrist to hit those girlish cues, adding little bows to the under-side for peek-a-boo cuteness.
run for the roses
If the hat fits 6
If your garden-party wedding’s a far cry from laid-back, don’t stop at the butterfly release. Sport a floppy Kentucky Derby hat, blooming with oversized flowers, up-to-here feathers and patterned lining. If a big mess of all things pretty doesn’t entice, simply tie a giant mesh bow around the side. Finally, make sure the only thing between you and your mint julep is a pair of short, white leather gloves.
small-time caps
If the hat fits 7
SJP’s acorn may have confused some, but mini hats are undoubtedly hot. Attached under the chin or to a headband, these cuties are shrunken versions of all your favorite toppers. Particularly sweet and simple are the flat caps setting stage for vintage embellishments of all ostentatious frills and doodads. Pair with lace fingerless gloves for the utmost in newfangled niftiness.