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Posted by Cayla Capri
In Favor Of D.I.Y
In favor of diy cover full
Get back to your creative roots with homemade favors for your most beloved, because doing wedding-things yourself is (chicken-soup-kind-of-) good for the soul. For those who see every spreadsheet as potential paper-doll overalls, each memo a jet plane-in-waiting, AC forever an acronym for Arts & Crafts - this is your perfect fix.
make them do-it-themselves
In favor of diy 1
The sweetest way to say ‘do it yourself?’ Layer the most scrumptious, most freshest ingredients in country-quaint mason jars with gingham fabric, homemade labels and step-by-step instructions.
Give the gift of DIY with:
Bakerella’s ‘Cowgirl Cookie Mix’ - the pink M&Ms and suede bowtie just ‘yeehaw’ heaven
Hot chocolate for grownups – a generous helping of dark chocolate shavings followed by thin layers of milk and white. Top with sheets of cinnamon, nutmeg and chilli powder
Baked peaches heaped with crème fraiche – to sit atop oatmeal or date squares
eat like a bride
The edible and drinkable favor is big on flavor – bigger on trend. Never before has ‘going Vogue’ required so much guilty munching.
Enjoy it while you can with:
Monogrammed Moon Pies – eliciting d’aws
Apples cupped in patterned cupcake holders – red, yellow and green in floral, damask and zebra
Homemade lemonade served in jam jars with print-out, old-fashioned labels - preferably featuring a granny
diy...in bed
In favor of diy 3
Paper and fabric fortune cookies are making a splash despite the fact that they’re not artfully dipped in chocolate. They’re just artful.
No matter the pretty pattern, stuff with a thanks, a mushy lyric or a dirty joke.
good looks
In favor of diy 4
Choose a healthy combo of aesthetic charm and pragmatism with:
Matchbooks with hip, graphic stickers featuring you and hubby in indie-duo silhouette (or pillboxes with you as pop-art)
Flowers in French newspaper – adorable, yes, but even the language of love can’t soften the blow of world news, so unless you’re going with the personals, you may want to put a (French) twist on this nifty idea with pages from a romance novel
Hair pieces for your ladies
Day planners disguised as first-editions or gaudy pulp for the wedding party
you’ve really got a hold on me
In favor of diy 5
Two adorable goodie bags to be filled with penny candy, a candied apple, milk and cookies (as suggested) or adult-milk and cookies, i.e. little bottles of liqueur, Baileys truffles and aspirin: