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Posted by Cayla Capri
Invitation Only
Invites work as a wedding teaser trailer; an early-stage detail to tantalize guests and put you in the mood. If DIY note cards and internet outlets don’t stir the visionary in you, consider ordering from a local custom-designer. Montreal’s own Didi Designs gives insight into the personalized service you can expect from hometown craftswomen, plus, today’s paper trends and a laissez-faire approach to etiquette.
A consultation is the only way to achieve the fine points of your stationary brainstorm. A custom designer will provide the kind of quality-time that encourages finicky minutia - the kind unavailable in a colossal warehouse. At Didi Designs, a wife and husband team toil away on your invites, so you can expect intimate dealings and handsy loving-care.
It is okay if you’re no precisionist or inspired artist during your consultation, but arrive somewhat prepared. Bring a paint swatch, house&home magazine clipping or scrap of old ribbon to spark the process. The designer can then elaborate on your muse, producing oodles of sample fonts, textures, motifs, bells and whistles. Plus: wording samples for the tongue-tied. After the consultation, you will be invited to view the invite blueprints, and to establish which elements you want to stay/need to go.
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The prints you’re eyeing on the spring dresses of hip-young-things are the same vintage-inspired patterns and metallic streaks now demanded of STDs, menus and thank-you cards. Flirty, shapely motifs like paisleys and florals are complemented by winking rhinestone buckles. And most lusciously, feel-good textures such as velvet and satin are becoming every bit as wanted as gutsy design and colour.
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Classic and good etiquette remains ever-fashionable with save-the-dates at 4-6 months prior to the wedding, invitations at 6-8 weeks (4 months if you’re partying on a day the whole world is partying), and thank-yous within 6 months of your hitch. However, some sound advice for anxious and giddy brides: send your invites too early and risk having them collect dust in a kitchen drawer or buried beneath fridge calendars and report cards. Your wedding is exciting! But be prompt, not eager.
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Each Didi Designs invitation is devotedly customized and delicately handmade, ensuring that no two invites are alike. Didi indulges in a swirl of buckles, patterns, and prints, catering to any particular wedding décor, all the while investing in versatility. With a free consultation for brides-to-be, the most suitable stationery is achieved, all the while adhering to budget, vibe, and superior craftsmanship.