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Posted by Cayla Capri
Invitations 101 5 Simple Steps
Invitations 101 5 simple steps cover full
Artistry’s all in the detail. If you fancy yourself the mastermind behind a superhuman do-it-yourself wedding, you can’t deny the mood-setting, keepsake value of the class-act invite. Even if your big day’s not self-orchestrated, homespun invitations allow for extra pennies in your pocket (or your dressmaker’s) and a chance to show off your creative side without tarnishing the pure, white-washed décor of your day.
Even the most freewheeling art projects could use a little structure. Here are some steps to follow; a little template of a checklist, along with a few crafts-table ready suggestions. So brandish the glue gun and whip out the glitter because you’re about to get downright domestic.
pick a theme
Invitations 101 5 simple steps 1
Color schemes and themes already set in stone will make your life that much easier. A tropical wedding dictates colorful invites with palm tree stencils, tiki patterns, a hemp bow, and so on. If you need more inspiration, scour the net for professional stationeries that peak your aesthetic sensibilities. Those digging today’s vintage archetypes, notably the oh-so vogue lattice pattern, should search for printable templates of the similarly antiquated persuasion. If the internet disappoints, search for modishly outdated floral, filigree or paisley print fabrics to glue on the back of an otherwise plan vanilla invitation. You can also paint the background, using one old-fashioned wall stencil per page.
gather your supplies
Invitations 101 5 simple steps 2
Make a list of everything your need, giving scissors and glue guns top billing. Thick, durable paper is just as conditional. Beguiling inessentials can range anywhere from ribbons you can bow tie or weave through edges, to tasseled ropes or strings of fake pearls you may hang from the top (making hole punches another essential). Everything here can probably be found at your local art shop or fabric store. Remember that it’s always safer to overestimate supplies than to underestimate, what with the advent of coffee.
Further suggestions:
Adorn your stationary with a “necklace.”
Punch holes in the topmost corners.
String a single jewel onto a chain or leather strap.
String either end through each hole and tie knots in back.
design a layout
Invitations 101 5 simple steps 3
This is probably the most challenging step, especially for those with an indecisive disposition. First, simple choices must be made, like matte vs. glossy, base page vs. fold-out, sideways opening vs. upwards. For a more enthralling foundation, try creating a distressed look using textured wallpaper.
Next, you’ll want to decide where all writing (use a ruler!) and accents will reside. Paper cutouts (hearts, squares, or circles of varying shapes and colors) add whimsy of a three-dimensional nature, but will make layout designing slightly more involved.
At this point, if you’re already overwhelmed by the prospect of home-grown cards, consider printing your announcement, monogram and RSVP info onto a postcard (especially appropriate for destination celebrations). You may also use a classy photograph of you and your man, but don’t make it too aw-shucks.
If the skepticism of your hands-on abilities is matched only by your computer-savviness, create your own template using Photoshop. This way you can just print and send; free and easy.
start working
Invitations 101 5 simple steps 4
Recruit a talented and gung-ho friend or relative to cut the procedure time in half, and the monotony down by two-thirds. Print, paste and affix the ornaments, asserting an assembly line system; providing each separate task with its own allotted timeframe. Meaning, everything should be printed at once, cut at once, and so on. Working from invitation to invitation is an invitation to losing your mind.
Always set aside extra time for test runs. After triple checking spelling, grammar and alignment, print one invite, envelope or label, making certain that spacing and color are fault-free. Know that when printing envelopes, although made easy with elaborate computer options, you’re going to have to go one at a time, prolonging the experience. Be wary of the smudge factor, allowing each heavenly, scrumptious card time to “cool.”
Depending on the complexity of your design and the number of invitations to send out, set aside 20-40 hours for the job.
signed, sealed, delivered
Invitations 101 5 simple steps 5
Print the addresses onto envelopes or write them using calligraphy, adding an elegant yet personal touch. Ransack your postal division’s website for details on customized stamps (you and your fiancé rendezvous-ing on the corner of your invite is too cute to pass up). Finally, lick that tab and send away!