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Posted by Cayla Capri
Jamaican Me Crazy In Love
Jamaican me crazy in love cover full
Grab your shades, throw on your bikini and get ready for romance – you’re going to Jamaica, the laid-back, chill-out island paradise. Take a break from a long, tiresome day of sunbathing to explore the jungles and rainforests, or dance to the mellow reggae beats while sipping on Yellow Birds and Big Bamboos.
the romance
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Explore those beaches just out-of-reach, far out of prying eyes and steal a sloppy snog with your sweetheart. Port Antonio, otherwise known as the “most exquisite port on earth,” is where you can find that famous oasis, the Blue Lagoon- salacious, star-encrusted history and all. Be sure to hit up this romantic spot Hollywood-style (as in with unbridled passion) – you don’t need to be told twice.
Just east of Port Antonio, there’s a rainforest ready to take your breath away – travel through it, inhaler in hand, to reach Reach Falls, the most beautiful natural waterfall in Jamaica. Dare yourselves to take the plunge: skinny-dip underneath the surging water.
the scenery
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Jamaica’s landscape is filled with stunning waterfalls, tropical flora, lush mountains and valleys, and – naturally – golden beaches. Admire the scenery from Ocho Rios, where small fishing villages and tropical rainforests meet in a medley of culture and color. Hop on a bicycle and make your way down to Kingston to see the stunning Blue Mountain range, or head to the Nassau Valley where you can stroll arm-in-arm along the Black River.
Visit the hedonistic paradise of Negril, with its Seven Mile Beach lined with coral reefs, dramatic cliff backdrops and famously relaxed atmosphere. Laze around on the beach all day, or take a snorkeling tour in a glass bottom boat for an exciting aquatic adventure.
the adventure
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Want to get Dunns and dirty? Escape to the Dunns River Falls in Ocho Rios, and wet your feet climbing up this scenic wonder. The more secretive YS Falls is an inviting natural playground: swing from the jungle vines and crash into the pool of water below the cascading falls.
At sunset, lovebirds can continue their adventure on horseback, galloping down the beach and through the water. Equestrian centers are scattered all over the country, but some of the best riding is on the North Shore (Negril and Montego Bay especially).
the secrets
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If crowded resorts have got you down, up the audacious and spend the day sunbathing in a secluded cove at Treasure Beach. Enjoy a picnic, some frisky-business, and Harlequin-level romance as the waves crash against the rocky fortress.
Another relatively unknown attraction is in the small town of Bath, which contains natural springs said to have therapeutic and healing powers.
the attractions
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So much of Jamaica’s draw comes from the relaxed atmosphere and the exceptional culture and lifestyle. If Bob Marley comes to mind at the first mention of Jamaica, Kingston is not a city to be missed. Learn all about his life at the Bob Marley museum and discover the Rastafarian religion from the locals.
If you’d rather walk through a shopping mall than a rainforest, hit up the vibrant Montego Bay. “MoBay” is just bully with tourists who want it all a la mode – beaches, sports, souvenir shops, and a happening nightlife. Even if you’re strapped for cash or strapped for time, Montego Bay is the place to go – just make sure to squeeze a few rum cocktails into your schedule.
before you go
What to Expect
Summer: June to September is hurricane season, when you can find the best deals. Temperatures are around 25 degrees.
Winter: December to March is peak season, when temperatures are in the mid-20s.
Dress light and casual
Jamaican dollar (JMD)
The Lingo
English, Jamaican Creole
A valid passport
Local Delicacies
Jerk chicken: chicken that is rubbed in a hot spice mixture (kerk spice)
Ackee and saltfish: the national dish made with Ackee fish, salted codfish, onions and tomatoes