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Posted by Cayla Capri
Jewel Tone De Force
Jewel tone de force cover full
Renaissance cathedrals, damselflies on the wing, dollops of jam, and napoleon ice-cream – these are the things that jewel-toned dreams are made of. If a bride-scape of white just happens to be too clinically cold for your passionate liking, warm the palette of your faceted desires with shades of Indian ruby, Persian turquoise, Red Sea peridot and Colombian emerald. These eye-popping spectral visions may be incorporated ever so sparingly or splashed upon the whole crown jeweled affair – whichever makes your heartstrings sparkle with glee.
fool for jewels
Jewel tone de force 1
Magenta pinks, aubergine purples, and searing cerulean blues rule the night as bridesmaids traipse glittering ballrooms and velvety aisles in satin-pleated rouching or twist bodice cocktail silhouettes seeped in gemmy gorgeousness. For something with a little less blatant sheen, opt for a more matte-like fabric such as softie-toftie chiffon.
As the blushing bride-to-be, you certainly won’t want to be left out of all of this extravagant fun – trendsetters everywhere are donning deep classic jewel-hued gowns that illuminate the complexion and compliment lovely lady locks. Polished ‘little piggies’ with a penchant for pigment make a strikingly flirtatious contrast to a stark white dress – think a royal gold slingback gilded in fluffy satin trimmings, a punchy garnet soigné heel, or a pair of peep-toes seeped in treasure-chest fabulousness.
rainbow bright
Jewel tone de force 2
Prep your visage for tropic garden intensity by first applying a blank canvas of concealer, foundation, and translucent powder. For a pendant of color upon the eye, apply a sweep of butterscotch to the eyelid arcing to the brow bone. Delicately trace the outline of the eye with a scintillating blue or black eyeliner and then blend with a royal purple shadow. A dappling of apple-peach blush to the cheeks and sumptuous crimson lip sing the praises of an ultra-luxe lifestyle sure to rival any queen of the castle.
polly chrome
Jewel tone de force 3
Bedazzling floral propensity can easily be achieved thanks to candy-fied bouquets and alluring glass-vased ensembles. Include Orlando roses, hot pink dahlias, belladonna blue irises, green button mums, purple lisianthus, purple freesia, and yellow narcissuses. Pair plush and trussed toile-swept décor with a menu of berrified delights for a load of heirloom opulence that’s anything but dusty – try avocado tartine, beetroot moreish mushroom soup, and butternut squash tart, followed by loving spoonfuls and luscious sips of strawberry panna cotta, cherry wine galette, pink pillow martinis and Brazilian sangria.