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Posted by Cayla Capri
July Roundup Summer’s Loves
July roundup summers loves cover full
July has seen some things. Mostly, some very cute things. Rounding-up this summer’s trends thus far is fun like eating corn on the cob is fun, because it’s lousy with lazy, hazy, crazy-days good vibes.
Incorporate snow cones, jars of honey, planters, wine barrels, birdcages, robin’s eggs and parasols into your wedding and guests will be sporting the kind of smiles usually accompanied by a sticky rim of creamsicle residue.
top ten trends
food-service trucks
July roundup summers loves 1
Much like ice cream tastes better from a cone and chicken salad from the discomfort of a picnic blanket - shaved ice, greasy meat and beaver tails taste better from the sliding service window of a retro van.
mason jars
July roundup summers loves 2
As of late, no wedding gadget, artefact or doohickey has been able to escape the folksy wrath of the aqua-tinted mason jar. This includes, but is not exclusive to, flowers, cupcakes, lemonade, penny candy, cotton candy, mixed drinks, candles and little swimming goldfish.
July roundup summers loves 3
Balloons have managed to float into basically every single engagement shoot out there. Along with their colourful latex get-up, they cart with them a home sickening reminder of life’s sweetest landmarks, like b-days, prom-night and graduation. Why weddings were ever left out of the mix is beyond us.
From banners touting treats to old-timey road signs guiding guests to sandwich boards advertising tonight’s cafe-inspired menu, it’s a good sign we’re still so keen on the sincerity of that which is purely and superfluously decorative.
soda pop
July roundup summers loves 5
Mavens of kitsch know that vintage pop bottles, and the soda fountain aesthetic in general, are very much ‘in.’ A variety of art deco labels and fruity flavours (key lime, black cherry, orange and cream) will make a neato display. Cherries on top include striped paper straws, vanilla ice cream and actual cherries.
Move over damask, there’s a new pattern rocking our world and it has the sun-sodden riot-time likes of picnic blankets, 50’s inspired two pieces and preserves on its side. Paint your wedding in gingham and every polka dotted bride will be green with campy motif envy.
ticket stubs
July roundup summers loves 7
Carousels and Ferris wheels are impossibly pricey, but you can still give your wedding a carnival complexion without pulling out the big guns. Picture booths, popcorn carts and ticket stubs in lieu of invites round out your carnie dreams.
the great outdoors
July roundup summers loves 8
Weddings are no place for your kindergarten-learned indoor voice. Peach groves, farms, rooftop terraces and wheat fields are getting a lot of action this year, whether it be from the engagement shoot, the reception or the morning-after brunch. It’s a party, and you’ll yelp, holler and hoot if you want to.
breakfast food
July roundup summers loves 9
Brunchers do it best. No square meal contains quite as much syrup, fruit, fat or whipped cream as this pseudo one, and it also manages to pull off the ‘buffet’ appendix without ever inducing a wince. A rooftop pancake bar trumps a glazed salmon, hands down.
July roundup summers loves 10
Not every wedding can be classified under ‘soiree’ or ‘hoedown,’ and those low-key brides with aversions to belly-dancers and power rock groups have found their own brand of entertainment in the drive-in theatre. All you need is a field, a projector, a projection screen and some John Hughes.