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Posted by Cayla Capri
Juvena And Fabian Love, Pure & Simple
For these two twittering lovebirds, the land of Telus served as a conduit of communicado. Fabian’s infatuation was instantaneous, while Juvena needed just a modicum of arm twisting before delving into the office romance. Once coaxed, they initiated a string of swoony date nights that included one unforgettable bird’s-eye-view of a possible future together thanks to a dinner at T.O.’s Panorama Restaurant.
favorite date night
Toronto’s Panorama provided the breathtaking backdrop for a date night never-to-forget. Fabian admitted his love for Juvena 51 floors above infamous Bloor Street amidst Bauhaus leather couches, sleek Italian seating, and a rocking cabana-esque patio. The luminosity of the city was no match for the spark emitting from these lovebirds’ eyes, wining and dining while perched in unprecedented style.
proposal story
Fabian held on tight to the surprise of a lifetime whilst vaca’ing with Juvena in the Dominican Republic. In an effort to throw Juvena off his tracks, he rest assured her that a ring just wasn’t in the budget. During their Central American exploits, he prepped to pop the question with some classic wooing tactics, first the soulful crooning of a live mariachi band and then a moonlit walk on the beach. Amongst the sand and sultry air, Fabian got down on bended knees (note: plural) and cried joint pain. Asking to be helped back up, but stopping short of standing, Fabian remained on a singular (note: how telling) knee. Inviting Juvena to “be his family,” Fabian managed to elicit awws from around the globe. This time, no cajoling was necessary, Juvena said yes.
the wedding
The couple had imagined themselves tying the knot in Mexico, but fell for the simplicity and charm of Old Montreal. On a whim, Fabian suggested getting hitched on the day of their anniversary. With three weeks until the relationship marker, Juvena granted her fiancé total carte blanche, trusting his ability to fashion an entire wedding from thin air. The result - a gorgeously snug close-knit affair.
wedding rundown
Juvena and Fabian
Toronto, Canada
June 15th, 2009, on their 5th year anniversary
Guest count
Color Scheme
Green and white
A double shank, twisted rope band, princess cut engagement bauble.
Bridal Wear
Paloma Blanca from Bridal & Beyond
Groom's Attire
Kenneth Cole
A two tiered green and white cake, first layer tiramisu; second layer red velvet
Green and white cards by Hallmark
Wedding Song
Fabian saw Juvena as his “angel,” the starry-eyed couple danced to “Halo” by Beyonce
Unique Element
The exceptional quality of intimacy was the result of a dinner party unhindered by an abridged guest list. Then of course there was the fact that the entire celebration was planned by a boy and his blackberry – not a gender-bending feat to go unnoticed.
Memorable Moment
Prime-time stardom - TLC was on the scene to film the whole thing. While the initial viewing felt somewhat unreal, the couple agreed that watching their docuromance unfold on the small screen was a moonstruck touch.
Having saved on the nitty gritty with a small-scale reception, Juvena and Fabian were able to budget for a bigger, more outlandish, post-party adventure. The couple picked up and took off for intoxicating Rome - the longtime object of their mutual wanderlust.
Advice from a real-life couple
Don’t over-think the planning. It’s simply about you and your partner, first and foremost. Once you let go of the small stuff, the process is a breeze.
Juvena and fabian love pure and simple collage
about the vendors
AIX Restaurant (Place d'Armes)
Cake decorator
Michel Danis from Dècor Gâteaux Mtl
Ceremony location
Dress - Bride
Paloma Blanca
Suit designer
Kenneth Cole
Reception venue
AIX Restaurant
Wedding Ring