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Posted by Cayla Capri
La Vie En Pink Entertainment And Travel
La vie en pink entertainment cover full
Every party needs a few fireworks – best not to leave it all to the champagne. The magnetic personalities and triple-threat talents of Montreal’s performance scenesters are sure to make every parcade dance floor feel like Studio 54. From aerial ballerinas to beat-driven DJ’s, “La Vie En Pink,” was proud to present a panoramic spectacle of undeniable visuals and groovalicious sounds.
arthur murray
La vie en pink entertainment 1
Arthur Murray’s skilled instructors help guide beginners through the level just right for them, emphasizing simple basic elements and a no-age limit
So you think you can dance? Nothing’s holding you back from performing a tear-jerker of a waltz thanks to Arthur Murray’s 1-2-3 magical sensibility.
La vie en pink entertainment 2
One of the most enlivening entertainment companies in Montreal, Goldstar specializes in music, lighting & decor, light-up products, audio visual, staging – the list goes on.
Goldstar aims to create a unique environment for every client, drawing inspiration from the event’s distinctive flair.
trio da capo
La vie en pink entertainment 3
A Montreal based professional string ensemble, Trio da Capo is available to play weddings, parties, corporate functions, receptions, and other events, performing professionally for over a decade.
Trio da Capo’s classical background lends itself to the moving expression of joyful, timeless pieces.
duo lyra
La vie en pink entertainment 6
Duo Lyra, founded by harpist Olga Gross and flutist Timothy Malloch in 1992, continue to delight listening audiences thanks to their effervescent, golden sound.
Not only for weddings, Duo Lyra caters to a variety of musical tastes and needs, augmenting to an even larger ensemble upon request - think violoncello, violin, and trumpet. (378)
les oiseaux du paradis
La vie en pink entertainment 4
A live entertainment experience like no other, Les Oiseaux du Paradis performs captivating sequences of aerial ballet for private audiences and exclusive events around the world.
Sky-high presentation and awe-inspiring antics – LODP is simply unforgettable.
La vie en pink entertainment 8
No matter the tenor of the event, Muzika brings the Entertainment in tenfold. Modern technology and old fashioned customer service are top priorities, while danceable beats, beautiful lights and animated emcees are specialties. Though, karaoke, cocktail music and belly dancers uplift audiences with equal zeal.
voyages cassis
La vie en pink entertainment 5
Delivering devotion and professionalism to their valued customers, Voyages Cassis aims to supply tried-and-true, distinguished service when it comes to jet-setting off into the sunset.
Bon voyage indeed! Voyages Cassis supplied one of our “La Vie en Pink” lucky raffle winner with a trip to mystical Bora Bora and Tahiti.
service de limousine michel
La vie en pink entertainment 7
Paint the town red with a luxury vehicle rental – Service de Limousine Michel offers a fleet of Rolls Royce, Jaguars, and Excaliburs.
Getting to the chapel on time is just the beginning – make sure you arrive in plenty of style thanks to Service de Limousine Michel.