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Posted by Cayla Capri
La Vie En Pink Photography And Video
La vie en pink photography and video cover full
Calling all shutterbugs – this year’s “La Vie En Pink” rolled out the red carpet when came to enlisting the talents of Montreal’s most cutting-edge photo and videography teams. Love was in the details, and every candid smile worth a thousand words – thank you to Studio 55 for providing “La Vie En Pink – A Retrospective” with this month’s featured galleries!
studio 55
La vie en pink photography and video 1
After over ten years in the industry, Pat Pinotti offers a journalistic approach to capturing raw elated emotion with an artistic, imaginative style and state-of-art imaging technology.
The masterful photographers and videographers of Studio 55 utilize over a decade of passion and experience when it comes to producing their craft.
studio art
La vie en pink photography and video 2
Specializing in wedding photo and video, Studio Art works to create a dynamic, cinematic production of your special day. Working through the entire day and night so as not to miss a single moment, Studio Art achieves a fabulous, detailed compilation that will last a lifetime.
Choose between such Studio Art packages as the ‘classical wedding package’ or ‘select limo package’ for a shower of up-close-and-personal footage.
La vie en pink photography and video 3
Whether candid or stylized, Photohouse is committed to capturing the unique and special moments of every wedding story, creating unforgettable albums of high-resolution imagery.
Photohouse - capturing the Big Day with a sleek aesthetic eye and subtle nuance.
La vie en pink photography and video 4
Established over 25 years ago, Omega photography and video production is now considered one of the leading wedding and portrait studios in Canada, bringing wedding, portraiture, and event photography to life through every frame.
Effortless shots from every unique angle – Omega crystallizes the moment.
bianca morello
La vie en pink photography and video 5
Authenticity and elegance ring true at the heart of every captured image alive with love, laughter and tears.
Bianca Morello displays a plethora of brilliant hues with a sumptuous sense of style.
luckyduck elegance
La vie en pink photography and video 7
Your special day captured in its entirety with a naturalistic, beautiful ease.
Oh-so natural paired with unparalleled spontaneity – Lucky Duck creates downright delightful imagery.
ci studio
La vie en pink photography and video 8
CI Studio delivers exquisite flashes into the heart of every wedding, love story, and bridal boudoir of today’s couple.
Say yes-please to CI Studio’s skillful production and quality results.
blushing bride studio
La vie en pink photography and video 9
Blushing Bride ensures an incredibly comfortable and professional atmosphere for every client, specializing in both engagement and wedding occasions.
Technical artistry lends itself to Blushing Bride’s fresh take on photo-journalistic and fashion-keen shots.
influence films
La vie en pink photography and video 10
Immortalize your event, your image, your story with the specialized team at Influence Films.
Influence Films ensures your treasured memories are preserved for a lifetime.
marrone video
La vie en pink photography and video 11
Marrone Video creates customized, trend-setting video with some of the most innovative and influential video producers around, achieving just the right balance between client style and professional approach.
Exceptional quality with a trend-setting twist.
christina esteban photography
La vie en pink photography and video 12
Christina Esteban is a creative force to be reckoned with – sparking fashion-forward spontaneity wherever she goes. Offering joyous engagement sessions, soothing casual shoots, and sunny destination wedding shots, Christina keeps things gorgeously fun and candidly captivating.
Hats off to Christina Esteban for the alluring cover of The Clever Bride’s “La Vie En Pink” first ever mini-mag