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Posted by Cayla Capri
Langkawi Pulau Way For Two
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Langkawi, the ninety-nine-island archipelago off the northeast coast of Malaysia, doesn’t miss a utopian beat. Encompassing standard tropical island fair like turquoise waters, stick-free sand, lush scenery and eerie, character-giving caves, Langkawi’s going to hold you spellbound with its feet-stomping oddities: candle dances, deadly combat waltzes and storytelling sock hops.
the romance
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Seek escape from the western world with the tranquilizer dart of honeymoon locales. Resorts are nestled within the ancient backdrop of mountains and forests for critical REM cycle catch-up. Seclusion’s not going to keep you from beachfront access in Langkawi, so be prepared for your pretty little shelter to have a knock-em-dead view.
Take an evening stroll, pink sunset adorning your postcard moment, balmy climate furbishing the romance, and grab some delicious Malay grub for a true-to-the-tropics, gussied-up island dinner.
the scenery
Langkawi pulau way for two 2
Scenic’s lost all meaning in Langkawi, made up entirely of sunny beaches, lush hills, mysterious caverns and flushing waterfalls. Take a panoramic cable car ride to the summit of Gunung Mat Cincang, over seven-hundred meters above ground. Keep an eye out for monkeys in trees and eagles swooping overhead, and maybe skip the trail mix on this one.
the adventure
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Langkawi doesn’t shy away from adventurous types. If you and your man fit the bill, go on a little above-treetop Air Trek at Gunung Raya Mountain, where you can admire the rainforest from a zip line forty meters up. Water sports enthusiasts and wannabes alike will feel at peace amongst the frenzy of oceanic activities, including kayaking through mangroves, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing and shark feeding.
the secrets
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The archipelago’s caves, from the well-known to the rare, (some being solely accessible at low tide, by boat) are illustrious in their own right. The walls of Gua Cerita (Cave of Legends) are painted with mysterious drawings and inscribed with verses; Gua Kelawar (Cave of Bats) is one of those hard-to-reach grottos, but the journey’s no less visually stimulating than the display of stalactites and stalagmites lurking within.
the attractions
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Pulau Langkawi is basically the archipelago’s only inhabited island, but while on your trip, do try and explore some of the other ninety-eight. Four worth hopping are picturesque Singa Besar, quiet Beras Basah, the traditional fishing village of Tuba and Dayang Bunting, Island of the Pregnant Maiden, complete with magic fertility waters and a banshee-haunted cave.
before you go
What to Expect
Spring/Summer: the mid-season, from April – August. Sunny and hot, with a light rainfall (high 20's).
Fall: the rainy season, from September – November. Warm and humid (mid-20's). This is the low tourist season, when you can find the best prices.
Winter: the dry season, from mid-November to mid-April. Hot and dry (30's)
Light clothing
Malaysian Dollar (Ringgit) – (RM)
The Lingo
Bahasa Melayu, English, Chinese, Tamil, Thai
A valid passport
Local Delicacies
Nasi Goreng: fried rice
Mee Goreng Mamak: Stir fried egg noodles with prawn, chili, potatoes and bean curds
Watch out for wild monkeys, who are brave enough to attack people for their food; ask the local guides for information on how to act around them.