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Posted by Cayla Capri
License To Wed
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The term, ‘wedding officiant’ has a bit of an ambiguous ring, but tying the knot of that big pink bow of marital bliss is a pretty stand-out job. If the last time you stepped into a church was never, there are plenty of available and experienced personnel to help you put that great big stamp of official-ness on your union. Explore what fits best – you want what makes you and your main man feel most at home. A wedding ceremony is not intended to intimidate or overwhelm – just think of it as one big gold star of approval.
wedding officia-what?
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Boiled down to its most basic state, your officiant is designated to lead your wedding ceremony or service, from start to finish, and with a trusting, capable hand. The category of wedding officiant encompasses a broad spectrum. It may include such positions as Justice of the Peace, minister, marriage commissioner, or all of the other good folks legally authorized by law to perform straight’n’narrow, legally-binding ceremonies. When it comes to officially officiating, some jurisdictions have got their own set of lawful prerequisites that must be adhered to, while others may choose to leave the techie stuff to the state’s religious denominations.
Officiants may be ordained by an interfaith or interspiritual religious sector, or they may be members of a chosen clergy. In a nutshell, their job is aimed to serve the public in an unaffiliated, unbiased, free-lovin’ manner. So just get out there and get inquiring – securing the scoop well in advance of hitting the I-Do highway, is going to make wedding planning all the more easy.
calling all clergies
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One option for the officiant task is to seek out a non-denominational minister – someone fully on board when it comes to serving the spiritual needs of everyone in the community and administer the holy sacraments of a variety of faiths, lifestyles, and convictions. While you’re at it - look into interfaith ministers as well. Theses happy-go-lucky peeps believe in promoting the universal truths of all religions right across the board, in an effort to spread the peace, love, and understanding – let’s face it – we all need and crave.
Even if you’re not a church regular, many clergy members will be happy to perform non-religious ceremonies outside of their traditional church or synagogue interior. If you would like to incorporate your own cleverly-crafted vows into the mix, make sure to run it by them first before anyone commits to paper. Remember that these upstanding men and women are not going to be performing the ceremony solely out the goodness of their heart (everybody’s got to pay the bills), so do think to inquire after fees. If you happen to have a clergy member in mind, preferably someone recommended by friends, do call his office in order to set up an appointment (think around 6 months before the dazzling date).
in the spirit of things
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The down-lo on non-religious wedding ceremonies goes something like this - if you don’t happen to belong to a particular church or synagogue, it’s no biggie with anybody’s Big Guy. Make sure to discuss with your partner first about what would feel just right for the two of you. Traditional Avenue involves applying for a marriage license where the clerk on staff happily provides you with all the contact info you need in regards to securing a local Justice of the Peace. By booking an appointment with City Hall, you’ll most likely get a county clerk, notary or mayor to perform your ceremony. Expect a bit of a wait period after the license application and quite possibly the prick of a little needle for prerequisite blood tests.
anchors away
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If you’re looking to customize your service just that extra-inch more, some US states permit the application for an extra-special license - one that allows a close chum or family member to perform an outdoor ceremony for you (keep in mind this is a one-time only deal). When it comes to destination weddings, the captain of your cruise is fully equipped to knot-it-up on board your Love Boat, while bunches of resorts will be ready and willing on arrival to provide you with the arrangements for a locale-orientated ceremony.
If you have certain preferences for the running order of things– just make sure to give those in charge ample time for reviewing the details. Wedding officiants are flexible when it comes to the type and style of ceremony you seek – depending on your needs as a couple, most will offer commitment ceremonies, sacred unions, or second marriages with either a traditional, intercultural, or contemporary overall tone.