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Posted by Cayla Capri
Lighting The Dawn Of The Lamp
The desk, standing and suspicion lamp have cast off their house-trappings cachet and become more art installation than source of electricity. A range of futuristic designs, vintage doodles and surrealist touches crowd our options, and we love it.
Additionally, the indoor luminaries possess a whiz-bang outdoor voice, bringing aberrancy to your summer wedding the way four-poster beds are bringing it to wheat-field engagement shoots.
cleverpicks: the lamp series
oh baby baby it’s a wild world
Lighting the dawn of the lamp 1
(Clockwise from top left)
Taraxacum 88 by Hive. Absurdity meets machinery, giving this sixty-bulbed chandelier a stark, sci-fi edge.
Claridge Teardrop Lamp by Jonathan Adler. You may never go lovelorn again, but this lead crystal lamp with nickel accents and silk shade will having you weeping anyway.
Giant Dora Maar by Jonathan Adler. A curious, porcelain centerpiece to make heads turn, incite head scratching and other idiomatic, head-related actions.
Meurice Chandelier by Jonathan Adler. The chandelier classique will never lose its cool, but a girl needs variety to stay spicy. This variation comes in polished nickel or antique brass.
hung by a thread
Lighting the dawn of the lamp 2
(Clockwise from top left)
Flock by Thomas Paul. Overhead venue lights are not laudable authorities on ambiance, so when night falls and the mood wanes, disguise them in a mossy damask.
Iron Globe Chandelier by Terrain. This iron cluster springs multiple leaks of light, giving your wedding a heighted and photogenic sense of drama.
Air Vent Pendant Light by Terrain. Incorporate an industrial-sized historical reference in your wedding with this pre-electricity turbine roof ventilator.
Fuchsia 12 by Hive. Hung above the bar, these pendant fixtures (with their steel bodies and blown glass shades) will chic-ly mirror a line-up of gin martinis.
welcome to the light show
Lighting the dawn of the lamp 3
(Clockwise from top left)
Beryll by IKEA. An adjustable, quad spotlight per round dining table creates the perfect cabaret vibe.
Capri Blue Jar Candle in red by Anthropologie. This volcano-scented candle (volcano = tropical fruits, sugared oranges and citrus, apparently) will flicker and smell good for hours without relief.
Cubist Garland by Smallable. Paper lanterns have go it going on, but these multicoloured mini cubes bring something new to the table without compromising the so-soft light.
Marquee Lighted Arrow by Urban Outfitters. Drive the rustic road-sign trend a few decades ahead, and you get this vintage theatre marquee.