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Posted by Cayla Capri
Lingerie Peek A Boudoir
Lingerie peek a boudoir cover full
There’s nothing lovelier than lingering in Dutchess satin or crepe de Chine silk, sampling nibbles and tidbits of pillow-talk, while a hard-knock world rails on outside. Lingerie is an epicurean celebration of the feminine mystique – how much you dare to bare is up to you.
a modest proposal
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Sometimes when a damsel says she wants to slip into something a little more comfortable, she really means something a little more comfortable. Luckily for all of you fashionistas, comfy no longer signifies frumpy. Try sporting a girl-next-door silk jersey nightshirt or cutesy gender-bending boy-shorts. For the office, get down to business with a charmeuse slip or Lycra body-shaping garment – two versatile pieces worthy of a home in your wardrobe.
dream a little dream
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Come cuddle time, spoon away in style. If you’re a warm-blooded bunny, play it cool in a camisole and cami-short set. Tender is the night when donning a sweeping floor-length chiffon peignoir or flowy chemise. A bedjacket may be worn over both if you wish to stay warm while getting up to some midnight snacking or a balcony tryst. If you want to evoke a feel-good good-morning from Prince Charming, simply try going to bed in a bustier - a waist-length, often strapless, corset-like ensemble - and wake up looking like a naughty Sleeping Beauty that just can’t be denied.
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Brassieres, the guardians of revered female curvedness, flaunt a voluptuous volume of shapes and sizes, fabrics and patterns - not to mention an extensive history of engineering. Consider it a rite of passage when it comes to finding the one most suitable for you. If you happen to be a petite fembot, you’re going to want a push-up for added oomph or padded for a head-turning sprinkle of illusion. Underwire provides that extra bit of support for those gals well-endowed. Depending on what kind of intricate cut your dress may be flaunting, choose between strapless, backless, plunge or halter-style for a more flattering silhouette. For a wedding dress with a low-cut back, try a backless bra that hooks at the waist. For a strapless gown, go bandeau.
When shopping it up for appropo cups, the rule of thumb goes something like this - not every bra is best for every gal. Bra size consists of a band size, or the designated digits, as well as a cup size, or the designated letter. Don’t be bashful – have someone else take your measurements. This will guarantee much better accuracy. Cups that overfloweth are a no-no, but a smooth, filled shape is ideal. Snug security is also optimal – not too tight and never pinching. Try loosening the hook placement or opting for a larger band size if this is the case.
turn the other cheek
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Lingerie is like eye-candy for any pleasure-seeking couple - so don’t be afraid to vamp up your bedroom. Romp around like a glammed-out starlet in a racy, lacy babydoll or negligee. Think kink with a novelty costume or holiday-themed get-up. Under the covers of a honey-glazed moon, flaunt a medieval bodice or Victorian corset.
The inventively naughty teddy combines both cami and panty in one, and comes in a variety of styles, for example an open back or with detachable garters. For those who like it simple (but still like it hot), stop your rogue in his tracks with the help of a garter belt, silk stockings and a killer pair of high inch heels.
rock-hard glam
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If your pocket book likes to strut its stuff, then paint the town gold, draping your curvelocity in upscale lingerie. Uncover treasure chests of sets encrusted with glittering gemstones, ravishing rhinestones, copious karats, and of course, diamonds upon diamonds from world-renowned designers and experienced retailers. Not to be tossed in the wash, these tantalizing treats are a temptress’s best weapon – plush bows, exotic embroidery, and lace-up seams are a surefire to light his fire (and yours)!