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Health & Beauty
Posted by Cayla Capri
Love At First Blush
Love at first blush cover full
With the smoky lid and red pout ruling the makeup roost, the liquid-lined cat eye and nude lip percolating trendsetters, it’s easy to let poor, forgotten blush slip into downright neglect. But there’s a reason brides are ubiquitously tagged as “blushing.” That phony flush provides the simple, simultaneous illusion of ruddy, youthful health and high fashion cheekbones, making you just so darn pinchable, not to mention kissable, in all your glowy bridal glory.
the skinny on the tone
Love at first blush 1
Fixing on that sanguine complexion, it’s normal to feel lost when selecting a shade of pink from a practically invariable palette of pinks. Your best bet is to stay within the vicinity of au naturel, meaning no more than two shades brighter or softer than what your skin’s already got going on underneath. A sure-fire way to ignite the blaze? Go for a jog, hold an ice cube to your cheek, or if your exterior’s plain pallid, just enjoy a glass of wine. In the light of day, scrutinize your rouged jowls for shades of peach, bronze, pink or crimson, and set your unique skin tinge in stone. It’ll be a handy little piece of info to take along on shopping trips.
apply yourself to the trend
Love at first blush 2
Before getting cheeky, your first plan of action is to toss that complimentary brush in the trash. As a touch-up gadget, it’s not bad, that being its grand purpose and all. But too many women rely on its limited abilities heart and soul to keep makeup authorities at ease. It’s best to just rid yourself of temptation from the get-go, investing in a quality brush with a domed top for optimal coverage. And while thin brushes are doing their part to revive the 1980’s streaked cheek, and big brushes giving women the appearance of suffering from an allergic reaction, medium-sized brushes are flushing cheeks just right – so always buy intermediately.
Step two is creating an oil-eating base. Many women steer clear of blush for fear of caking, fading or streaking, depending on outside temperature and consistency of skin. A simple pre-emptive strike against a runny, unnatural red tint is the application of a pressed oil powder across a clean canvas, focusing primarily on the forehead, nose and cheek areas.
Finally, we play. Powder your brush with blush, give it a little blow, and then run it over a cream rouge for color security and added dewy sheen. Smiling wide, apply the product to the apple of your cheek, moving the brush in circles, beginning beneath the iris and gradually moving up and out towards the ear as you blend. Lightly dot your nose and chin with the pink tinge for a natural-looking kiss from the sun or bite of frost.
taking care of your tools
Love at first blush 3
A repertoire of blushes within your tonal range lends to a flush for every mood and texture for every season. But don’t let these products fester forever in your makeup bag. While waterless powder blushes have a lifespan of about three years, creams and gels aren’t so hearty, lasting about three months. They won’t necessarily give off that rotten makeup smell right away, but because they’re multi-faceted beings, bringing life to our cheeks, lids and mouth, they are natural-born germ spreaders. As for your brush, keep it bushy-tailed with bi-weekly shampoos, allowing time for a little air-drying before its next use.
wedded blush
Love at first blush 4
Two common, fatal mistakes of the blush brush: being too timid or too zealous. Certainly, there is a fine line between going bold and going bozo, and you may be nervous to cross it. But often, when set expertly, it’s those intimidating hot pinks that most naturally invigorate the face with youthful radiance. On the other hand, if you harbour no fear of the rouge, W-day’s a fine time to experiment with excess, provided you tone down every other feature to a muted beauty.