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Posted by Cayla Capri
Love In Dubai Tably
Love in dubai tably cover full
Futuristic yet steeped in locust flower mysticism, Dubai is hands down the city-of-the-hour. Boasting a mandate of exceptional service, economic flourish, and the biggest-in-the-world of everything under the sun, this hip and happening hub is one of soaring opulence and grandiose visual confectionary. Its very own Palm Jumeirah island is so staggeringly bright, it’s said that it can be viewed from the moon. It doesn’t get any more honey-drippingly dreamy than that.
the romance
Love in dubai tably 1
Let a guided dune buggy steer you into the sandy refuge of a desert resort where you’ll lounge the days away in a pillowed-out chalet with private pool. Dazzling tiled courtyards host compliments of dates, fresh fruits, and cymbid orchids. Nibble at sinful custards served on terracotta dishes and down cupfuls of steaming cappuccino adorned with golden leaflets.
Return to the city where the hotels are bedecked in more stars than you can count. Butlers offer bundles of blood-red roses while chauffeurs warm your very own fleet of Rolls-Royces, belly dancers provoke smiles of allurement, plates of sturgeon are served seeped in marinade and caviar, and the duty-free shopping pulses with first-love longing.
the scenery
Love in dubai tably 2
Once a land fueled by pearl merchants, this ancient Arabian port stakes its claim in glimmering deposits of oil wonderdom. A bustling niche of a global melting pot, Dubai is bedded down off the coast of the Persian Gulf, fed by the Arabian Peninsula. Aside from the unbeatable skyline, down on the ground its cutting edge architecture is bathed in fiery splashes of heated oranges and heart-searing aquamarines. With breath-taking innovative design – think buildings that look like waves and sails – deep in the artery of Dubai you will find both sand and dune, mountain and shore, boating lakes and Sheik palaces. The panoramic elevators are not too shabby, either.
the attractions
Love in dubai tably 3
1001 musts for Dubai sightseers include the magnificent Al-Hosn Palace or White Fort. Souk districts teem with helpings of shawarmas, super discount deals, and windows literally filled with gold. For archeological treasure, Dubai Museum presents a handsome collection of intricately appealing artifacts while Jumeirah Beach offers naturalistic delights of sun and shimmering sea. One big Guinness Book of World Records, check out the Grand Mosque for jaw-dropping minarets, the world’s largest hotel, the magnificent Burj Al Arab, and Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest what-the edifice – all rivaling to conjure the world’s best honeymoon destination yet.
the adventure
Love in dubai tably 4
If an overnight desert safari on a swaying camel’s back is pushing the comfy-cozy threshold, deem yourself a metropolis daredevil for braving the world’s largest shopping centre, Dubai Mall. Opt for a submarine ride to a bizarrely endearing underwater restaurant for a meal of snow peas, passion fruit, and Iranian caviar - much needed fuel for viewing the al fresco wrestling match post-nosh. Hit up a dance hall rocking with African beats, cricket match or scuba diving expedition as the curious-cat mood moves you.
the secrets
Love in dubai tably 5
Thank Dubai’s ingenious brainstorming capabilities for making skiing in the desert a why-not possibility – the city’s indoor ski slopes come with a pit stop for whipped-up, out-of-this-world mugs of gourmet hot chocolate. Kick back and schmooze with a wand of shisha and a glass of lassi – a refreshingly thick drink of yogurt and Indian spices.
Explore the luscious Bastakiya District or the plentiful quahwa boutiques with a cone of green chilli and saffron pistachio ice cream. If the mystery-seeking’s got your new pair of heels plain worn out, nuzzle up to a hideaway suite that offers mezze – an array of flatbreads, olives, sauces, and complimentary facial dousings of soothing thermal water.
before you go
What to Expect
Summer: May through September are the hot summer months, with daily temperatures averaging a blistering 35-40°C/95-104°F. July and August can be humid and get even hotter. This is the low tourist season.
Winter: October through April are pleasantly hot and sunny (22-28°C/72-82°F).
Dress conservatively in light, loose fabrics. Avoid revealing outfits. Bikinis are ok on beaches.
Emirati dirham (AED)
The Lingo
Arabic, English
A valid passport and a traveler’s visa (which will be issued for free on arrival)
Local Delicacies
Shawarma: a popular snack made of grilled shavings of lamb or chicken, mixed with salad and rolled in a pita bread.
Mahalabiya: a pudding made of rice, sprinkled with rosewater and pistachios.
Homosexuality and public sexuality is illegal and can lead to jail time. Public displays of affection are an offense – this includes kissing in public. Drinking in public and public drunkenness is also illegal.
Drugs, including many prescription medications are banned, unless you have a notarized doctor’s note.
Be sure to check out http://abudhabi.usembassy.gov/restricted_medication_.html for the complete list.
Make sure to be informed of the local customs before you go.