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Posted by Cayla Capri
Love Snowed In
Love snowed in cover full
Some girls were just made for earmuff season: rough and tumble gals sledding solo long after everyone else has traded in nose nips for electric blankets, snow bunnies at their peak of cuteness when all apple-cheeked, frosty-lashed and bundled tight, and sanguine belles in leggings and oversized sweaters contentedly curled by the fire with a paper-back novel and cup of peppermint tea. All that cuddly cosiness warrants a wedding-season title, but summer’s a tough one to dethrone, what with it having the sun on its side. Do your part to raise warm and fuzzy wedding awareness by throwing a bash during the off-season. And the number one most amazing thing about a winter hook-up? Travel discounts. You can have your snow and tan lines too!
engineering your winterland
Love snowed in 1
Icy Wonderland’s good, neutral territory, as visions of twinkle lights, crystal bouquets and frosted windows dance in your head. But since the season’s riddled with holidays, you’re definitely encouraged to steal festive touches from the greats of celebration, i.e. Thanksgiving, Halloween, V-Day and Christmas. Take your pick from cornucopia centerpieces, cider punch bowls by glowering candle light, valentine save-the-dates and chocolate-kiss dishes, or too-cute mistletoe, mashers with gravy and decked-out evergreens (your very own tinsel-town). But be careful not to schedule your wedding too close to the actual holiday of choice, as your most-wanted guests might be otherwise occupied in Jamaica.
good places to hibernate
Love snowed in 2
Booking your venue’s a breeze in the off-season, perfect for brides in a hurry to get hitched. But do put some care into choosing a locale with real snug-as-a-bug, home-cooking-type memory potential, as nothing says warmth quite like a shelter juxtaposed by its polar opposite surroundings. Country inns, apple orchards, sugar shacks, and ski chalets work charms. And even sweeter are loved-ones’ homes, so long as they have great big windows and a working fireplace, and friends’ cottages – again, preferably complete with frozen pond or homespun ice rink.
from point a to point benumbed
Love snowed in 3
Transportation’s tricky, because while a horse-drawn carriage seems like an obvious (if totally decadent) choice, only go equestrian if you’re sure the snow’s going to play fair. If the weather’s a little up in the air, go for something big and sturdy, built for country roads and surely equipped with heavy-duty snow-tires. Not making it to your own wedding is not an option, stormy weather be damned.
going cold turkey
Love snowed in 4
Adorn your winter menu with hearty soups made to de-thaw shivering guests and comfort foods built to soothe, like steak and garlic mashed potatoes, pot-roast and butterscotch carrots, honey-baked ham and grilled cinnamon asparagus or lamb and chipotle sweet potatoes. For desert try pumpkin pie and a plate of meringues – dead-ringers for snowballs – or maple cookies, serving them with hot cocoa and marshmallows for kitsch. And for something completely different, set up a maple taffy station, sugar-shack style, inclusive with an ice-filled wooden crate displaying frozen syrup-pops. Kid-like wonder’s going to reign on your guests.
the bride wears snowpants
Love snowed in 5
White’s pretty winter appropriate, and you’ve already got that covered dress-wise, but don’t forget your outfit’s most vital requisite: to keep you warm. Bare shoulders are pretty; blue lips not so much. Buy yourself a cute structured jacket – at once vintage and modern, a cashmere cape or faux fur stole for fashionable pragmatism. Gloves are a must, and a possible style-related excuse to throw a winter wedding at all, while white, knee-high boots are a surprising and sexy alternative to the classic pump. As for jewelry, drip ice-queen all over the place with crystals, diamonds and sapphires.
powder blush nipping at your nose
Love snowed in 6
The cold seasons take a toll on skin and hair, making moisturizing foundations, hair conditioner and weekly coconut-oil lather-ups essential. Once you’ve got your canvas clean, you can actually get real playful with makeup. The summer months aren’t too kind to painted ladies, melting gloss and running colors down cheeks. But winter’s a great time to fool around with all that is bold and matte in makeup land, including bright red lips and extra rosy cheeks – unabashedly celebrating pale skin – mauves, greys, and chocolates for the smokiest of lids, and berry-toned everything.
glacial goodies
Love snowed in 7
Send your guests off with packets of hot cocoa and cider, organic teas, maple candies, candy canes, Christmas ornaments, scented candles and vintage hankies for runny noses. Just about anything that connotes warmth, short of wool socks, will leave friends and relatives feeling all mushy inside.