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Posted by Cayla Capri
Loving Neck N’ Neck
Loving neck n neck cover full
The neck of a fair maiden is a sensory hotspot not to be overlooked. Pair your most columnesque feature with some of the most sensational over-the-top accessories around. The look screams haute couture sensibility and a brazen cat-walk attitude.
draped in luxe
No need for a swan song – pulling off a fabric-constructed neck-piece is a cinch with the help of an old trousseau. Keep in mind to keep it pretty, fluttery, and lacey.
Why not try:
A hand-stitched treasure in an elegant vintage cream
A raucously notice-me feather boa made for cabaret nights
This St Pucchi ball gown is a whispering mist-cloaked swirl
bodacious blooms
Loving neck n neck 2
Petals and sepals are all sugary and nice but if a rocking green-thumb wants to kick things up a notch, you’re going to have to call in the tropics for back-up.
An edgy black satin oversized corsage from bridal guru Vera Wang
A snow-white show-stopper thanks to Lusan Mandongus for Spring 2011
Get back to paradise donning a perfume-scented, nerve-soothing flower lei
collarly pursuits
Loving neck n neck 3
When flaunting a chic collar, be sure to step into the right character – Edwardian paramour, manor house heroine, or clandestine royal.
Vera Wang’s silk radzimir halter gown echoes with the trumpeteering of euro-fab regalia
Ruffles, ruffles, and more ruffles – this silk-faille fringe is mystically Peter Pan
This stunning golden faux-fur fox stole inevitably steals the show
all chokered up
Loving neck n neck 4
Whether it’s an English garden accent or unearthed Egyptian offering, a chunky stone-laden choker can’t help but make a statement
Oscar de la Renta warmed up to Spring 2011 with a theatrical take on the female nape
Hungarian designer Leber Barbara keeps things smokin’ with this metallic art-house dazzler