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Health & Beauty
Posted by Cayla Capri
Made Up Men
Made up men cover full
Marrying a man who takes pride in his appearance and is comfortable giving those gender barriers a wee push can make for beautiful wedding photos. A little moisturizer here, a dab of concealer there and you can forget about photoshopping because the both of you are going to look air-brushed and picture perfect even in person!
the why
Made up men 1
Think of every blemish-free, clear-skinned male model that’s ever inspired a little drool at the corner of your mouth. Now that you’re convinced *ahem,* it’s time to get the fiancé on board too.
convincing the fiance
Made up men 2
Because the male version of getting dolled up mainly consists of adopting healthy skin habits, you’ll probably want to start (and perhaps stop) there. Take him to a spa for some much-deserved pampering, and ask an aesthetician to lecture you both on sun-protection, shaving and dead skin cells. He’ll feel so rejuvenated afterwards he may become more willing to apply those customs (like exfoliation) to his daily routine.
If you’re really ambitious, try and convince him using highlighters and foundations won’t sully his masculinity, at least not after one day. Now, remember those underwear models? Maybe don’t show him those. But pictures of movie stars are safe territory, so emphasize the fact that makeup isn’t just reserved for the beefcakes, but is utilized by every dignified, masculine male lead in preparation for photo shoots and TV appearances.
Still not convinced? Remind him that gutsy, rockin’ superstars like David Bowie, Keith Richards, Johnny Depp and Bono have never been ashamed to get in tune with their femininity… and then turn it into something completely masculine and sexy. If he’s really not buying it, then it’s time to let go. You want him to respect your boundaries, so give his limits the same regard.
the male regime
Made up men 3
Professional Shave – If you’re going in for a wince-worthy waxing, there’s no reason your man shouldn’t spring for an old-fashioned professional shave to ensure a razor-bump-free face. He’ll feel barbershop-pampered, not beauty-salon pampered, which is good for the ego as well as the skin.
Tweezers – Finding the perfect arch might be your goal- the fiancé just needs to concentrate on bidding that unibrow adieu.
Teeth Whitener – This one doesn’t even boarder on girly- coffee and cigarette stains are not macho, just gross.
Exfoliators – Exfoliators are used to remove dead skin cells, revealing a soft, smooth layer underneath. Your fiancé should use his exfoliator with warm water, and then splash his face with cold to snap those pores shut. Remind him to treat his skin the way he’d treat yours: gently. He should dab, not rub his wet face off with a towel.
Moisturizers – Encourage safe skin-care habits and convince your husband-to-be to use a moisturizer with SPF 15 or more. He may not fear dry skin, but cancer’s a whole other story.
Toner – Toner is used to neutralize the skin, so blotchiness be-gone.
Foundation – Foundations and powders may be pushing it – so just suggest a quick brush over the t-zone to nullify oily skin and camera-unworthy sheen.
Concealer – A hint of concealer lightly brushed (use a thin, non-threatening one, ladies) over blemishes or razor burn (you told him to go to that barber!) and his skin will look youthful, but not in an acne-ridden fifteen-year-old traumatizing school-picture kind of way.
Lip Chap – Most guys can get on board with lip chap, because as long as it doesn’t end in gloss, stick or balm, kissable lips are totally manly. Again, go for one that contains SPF 15, at least.