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Posted by Cayla Capri
Magic Up The Sleeves
Trend-setting brides are going ga-ga for what’s hiding up today’s designer sleeve. This garment appendage is a magnitude force for fighting a barrage of physique-wary ailments. Whether hugging or draping, it’s only a matter of unraveling the imagination when it comes to finding out which is the right armful for you.
Flutter: Rivaling for ‘hottest look’ in the upcoming 2011 wedding season, flutter sleeves draw attention upwards and towards the radiance of the face
Batwing: (Holy) Batman, creepy name but what a fantastic look – long theatrical sleeves replete with deep armhole taper delicately in epilogue fashion towards the wrist
Puffed: What little girl doesn’t dream of puffed sleeves? Fit for a princess and nothing but – these poufy wonders can also chameleonize into something verbosely suave
Magic up the sleeves 2
Hanging: Reminiscent of golden chalices and round tables – the hanging sleeve opens up along the front or side to let a little skin sneak through, inducing fainting spells everywhere
Long/Illusion: Skimming the entire length of the arm, the illusion sleeve consists of sheer glam fabric, giving you coverage but not the puritanical stuffiness
Juliet: A die-hard traditional wedding sleeve, this little gem puffs at the shoulder and becomes fitted around the arm. The best part – it sure slips down scandalously come time for that balcony tryst
Cap: Found upon a faerie counterpart or doll-like ingénue, this tiny rounded sleeve begins at the shoulder and teasingly caresses the arm
Bell: An incredibly flattering style, this narrow-at-the-shoulder wider-at-the-bottom sleeve rings out for an inaugural ball or retro throwback to flower power
Magic up the sleeves 4
1/4 Length: A clean-cut, straight-laced wonder, the ¼ length extends from the shoulder down to the mid area of those burgeoning biceps
3/4 Length: A cutesy look favored in the fifties and now popular in today’s chemises and blouses, the ¾ length extends from the shoulder down to the midway point between elbow and wrist
clever tip
For a no-fuss, no-muss reference point when saying yes please to sleeves, be sure to check out this easy-as-pie style guide from Wedding Solutions