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Posted by Cayla Capri
Make Believe Your Eyes
Make believe your eyes cover full
When it comes to a damsel’s peepers, they’ve got a personality all their own. Whether they’re the windows to your soul, or the keys to your come-hither charms, these precious orbs will want to be amped up for the big day. Firstly, consider the style of the dress and overall vibe of the ceremony. With that in mind, it’s as easy as pie to achieve a particular gaze, thanks to the sweep of shadow, the smudge of liner, and the brush of a mascara wand. With the right tools in place, and a little sleight of hand, consider your eyelids palates fit for Picasso.
apple of his eye
Make believe your eyes 1
If your ceremony is a sweet, simplistic echo of refinement, then you may not want to overwhelm your visage with color. The fresh-faced look is as good as diamonds – most definitely forever, and a cinch to nab. Think dewy blossoms, peach Schnapps, and a prom blush.
Eye shadows come in a variety of textures – shimmer, matte or cream. Try a cream based shadow for a nude eye in hues like champagne, coral, or sand. With your ring finger (so as not to pull at the delicate eye-area), work from the inward corner of the eye outward, and then gently move your way up to the brow bone. With a highlighter wand, dab shine at the inside corner of the eye and then sweep it underneath your brow. Just a hint of mascara is needed to help open up the whole eye. If you do decide to stir the pot a little bit, this look can be paired with a ruby-red pout for head-turning results.
vintage sizzle
Make believe your eyes 2
The cat-eye look has just the right amount of sass. It screams London mod scene or the days of provocateur, Brigette Bardot. This look is a must for any hipster gal who’ll be rocking retro garb down the aisle. Choose an au-naturel matte shadow for a clean, understated lid. Then, if you dare, reach for liquid eyeliner, but only if you’re feeling jitter-free. If the adrenaline’s a’pumpin,’ go for a super-sharpened black eyeliner pencil for more control.
With tiny, quick strokes, work your way from the inner corner of the eye outward, following the curve of lid. Once you’ve passed the pupil, feel free to start making a slight slant upwards. You can now draw the liner past the end of the lash line. The once-over will create a sleek, thin seriph, but to create the illusion of a thicker lash, you may want to retrace the line closer to the outer corner.
glam glance
Make believe your eyes 3
This is pure Hollywood chic – not to mention a classic that will compliment any gorgeous gown. It’s sophisticated, but not stiff, decked out, but not overdone. For starters, apply a primer to the overall lid to help minimize creasing as the evening heats up. Use a brown or soft-black pencil liner to trace the inside of the lid, followed by the lash line.
Next, select a duo or trio eye shadow. Try truffle, tawny, or bronze hues. Apply the lightest hue over the entire lid first as a base. Then blend, blend, blend with a flat, fan-like shadow brush (no sponge applicators allowed – they won’t deposit color as evenly). The darker shade should extend from the lash line across the outer corner of the eye, but not past the crease. Try to wed each shade together as seamlessly as possible. To top it all off, simply curl lashes, apply 2-3 coats of brown-black or black mascara, and voila – a stare that’s sure to stop him in his tracks.
smoke signals
Make believe your eyes 4
This is a trend that keeps coming back for more. The infamously tempestuous, ‘smoky eye,’ smolders with an aura of midnight-hour melodrama and a sense of inescapable mystery. Luckily, its complexities lie within its wow-effect, and not in the execution. The key to pulling off the gaze of a siren is to sport the subtlest of lips – a matte nude with just a kiss of gloss.
Once again, prime for success, but wait until after before applying foundation just in case any loose flecks happen to fall along the cheek. Line all the way around the eyes, but go slightly thicker from the middle of the top eyelid outward. Smudge the liner along the bottom lid with an angled brush dipped in one of your chosen shades. Pick from an array of rich, powder shadows available – a snowy crystal for highlighting, a sterling silver for lash line to crease, and then a sizzling charcoal as a contour color - remembering to blend up and out.
kaleidoscope kraze
Make believe your eyes 5
You’ll want to have a few trial-runs with this impressionistic, look-extraordinaire, but no doubt the end results will be worth it. This eye-makeup is feminine, emblazoned, and vivacious – incorporating Candyland-like colors of magenta, violet, azure, and emerald. It entails playing with eye shadow quads (or more!) so the possible combinations are dizzyingly delightful.
Keep in mind each hue should blend into the next. The liner should remain light so that the effect does not become too clown-like. You may want to add adhesive lashes, stick-on gems, or a dusting of eye glitter. If your lids are awash in rainbows, then keep lipstick and blush to a minimum. Make-up spray fixers can also help set your creation, avoiding any candlelight melt-down.