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Posted by Cayla Capri
Martinis Double Oh Heaven
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Whether you’re looking to add a little speakeasy steam or Bond-level class to your big day, martinis are hands down the most sophisticated and symbolic of the mixed drinks. Not only does is pack a wallop, but it contains connotations up the wazoo, and for these reasons, the martini is a must for your wedding. But whether it’s simply an option at the bar, or the option at the bar, well, taking the martini to the next level is really up to you.
martini lore
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Supposedly, after hitting it big time during the California Gold Rush, an American miner went to celebrate his good fortune in the town of Martinez. The bartender, all out of the desired champagne, offered to make the miner a “Martinez Special,” a drink almost identical to the modern martini. The miner fell in love, so to speak, and eventually, the word was spread, the ‘ez dropped, the ‘i added, and a legend was born.
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There are many ways to make a martini, but just in case you’re totally new to the world of swanky-chic cocktails, the standard version contains two ounces of gin, and half an ounce of dry vermouth.
As for the preparation, some are of the belief that a good shake-up dulls the flavor of the vermouth and sharpens the flavor of the gin by giving the liquid a serious beating. Of course, so many popular fictional characters prefer their drinks “bruised,” that it’s become just as fashionable in the real world.
Now to debunk some more commonly used terms:
Dirty Martini: Just like the juice found in most cocktails, dirty martinis contain olive brine as an alternative or companion to the vermouth. The three-olive garnish further exaggerates that olive-y flavor. (Pickle and jalapeno juice are also sometimes used to add some extra zing to the gin.)
Dusty Martini: Almost identical to the dirty martini, played out with little less olive brine.
Smoky Martini (a.k.a the silverbullet): A standard martini with a dash of Scotch whisky and a lemon peel.
Straight up: A martini sans ice.
snob vs snob
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Self-proclaimed “purists” have varying ideas about what makes a martini “authentic.” There are basically two schools of thought: some believe that the vermouth should be swirled around the glass and then completely poured out, (Winston Churchill famously took this to the extreme and claimed to “look at [the vermouth] from across the room”) while others believe the lack of an additional ingredient strips the martini of its cocktail-hood. Interestingly enough, a “dry martini” does not mean without vermouth, as so many believe. In fact, it actually refers to the type of vermouth, that being of the dry, white, French kind.
Connoisseurs also believe that everything must be room temperature: the gin, the glass, the vermouth.
‘tinis and your wedding
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Martini bars are somewhat suggestive of class, but mostly, they’re funky, retro fun. Try to get inventive with garnishes: olives stuffed with blue cheese, sundried tomatoes, mints, frozen grapes, chocolate truffles or miniature apples.
Yummy, girly drinks like appletinis and chocolatinis are not technically martinis because they’re made with vodka instead of gin. This is because vodka has no distinguishing flavor which could ultimately negate from the sweet added flavors, like lychee or caramel. Snobbery aside, your martini bar is not complete without a variety of fun, sugary, fruity ‘tinis, so stock up on the creativity!