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Posted by Cayla Capri
Meet The Parents
Meet the parents cover full
Before rubbing elbows in the realm of the in-laws, polish up your frame of mind with a little positivity. There’s no need to spend your first encounter shakin’ in your boots – think of these two people as a pair of harmless, sweet-loving folks eagerly a-waiting the day they can call you one of their own. Give them the chance to welcome you under their wing and celebrate their son’s newfound happiness in cozy-homey harmony.
investigative report
Meet the parents 1
First impressions have a tendency to stick like crazy-glue. Now for the good news - a little ‘e’ for ‘effort’ goes a long way. So when engaging in Operation Brownie Points, research that elusive target market first – those well-meaning ’rents of Prince Charming himself. Debrief your darling on all the quirks of his clan. See if you can uncover those intricate, familial nuances that will help you maneuver your way through the land of small talk.
Get a gander at an old photo album - familiarize yourself with names, hobbies, and interests that may serve as potential common ground. It never hurts to muse over a few hypothetical questions Mom or Pop may ask, so as to avoid any teenage, tongue-tied pauses.
dress to impress
Meet the parents 2
For that first initial meeting - if you’ve got it, now may not be the time to flaunt it. Take a walk on the conservative side with attire that is pressed, preened, and apple-blossom pretty. If you are in the midst of pre-arranging the spot, choose a venue that’s somewhat neutral – nothing too posh or greasy spoon-ish. Punctuality is a timeless quality that won’t go unnoticed - breezing in late for the dinner reservation may appear as a sign of disrespect. Comfort and confidence go hand-in-hand - leave yourself with ample prep and travel time to ensure no one’s left out in the cold.
the thought that counts
Meet the parents 3
You're not expected to bring frankincense and myrrh, but a little thinking-of-you offering is always the classiest of gestures. Select from the following tried and true favorites - a flower arrangement, potted plant, bottle of wine, or a box of something extra-yummy. Go the extra mile and see what they prefer – are they fond of red or white? Dark chocolate or milk? Despite the fact that a gift’s an ideal ice-breaker, always address your future in-laws with formal rhetoric until you get the nod otherwise.
gift of the gab
Meet the parents 4
A smile goes a long way – it can melt hearts and soothe nerves simultaneously - but don’t be afraid to pipe up and show off some of that dazzling intellect. Go ahead and put your two cents in - just make sure to censor UN-style (steer clear of any debate-team topics circa ninth grade). If you are chez les in-laws, accept everything graciously and with genuine feeling. If you enjoyed the bisque, then just say so!
Avoid the deer-in-the-headlights look by following your main man’s lead. Trust in each other to catch naughty habits with a flirty wink or pinch. Offer to help with dishes, or better yet, just roll up those sleeves and dive in. Thank-you notes always strike the perfect chord, so feel free to pen one off a week or so later. Don’t be afraid to let your true self shine through. You’re sure to prove just what a fantastic catch you are (and thankfully avoid any Montague versus Capulet reenactment).