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Posted by Cayla Capri
Mexico Sol Mates
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Balmy of volcanic rock-lapping waters, drippy of sleep-machine employed jungles and sizzling of chili-kissed, street side-sugarcanes, Mexico’s going to have you sweating. If you and stick-drippy hubby literally can’t stay apart, the land of fiery antiquity and neighborly warmth extends its melon mojitos, open-air tubs and collegiate watering holes to cool your searing, salsa-dancing feet. Whether you go to Mexico for Cabo’s world-class snorkeling, the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, or the finest of mango marinades, the country is guaranteed to fulfill all of your over-the-moon, budget-inhibited fantasies.
the romance
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Wake up to mollycoddling with a tequila twist in a 17th century stone and tile hacienda, located in the heart of Campeche. The morning butler service and earthenware pot of café de olla will make you feel like a Mexican Dandizette- all the giddy indulgence and none of the grimy English weather. Once your stomach’s soothed and silk bathrobe shed, take your pick from a carved stone waterfall tub with a helping of flambéed bananas, or private cove with a lunch of conch and crab ceviche.
Lovers freed of earthly inhibitions may want take part in a Mayan fertility ritual, fully-equipped with sacred Xtabentun liqueur, seed massage, and drum beats. Try a resort on the Baja Peninsula for a sultry view of the Sea of Cortez. Stargaze through a rooftop patio telescope with bowls of avocado ice-cream, and wish the day Buenos Noches cradled by a four-poster bed, backlit by an oil lamp.
the scenery
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Ticúl stone, bougainvillea, frescoes, unpaved roads and nesting flamingos – Mexico’s got plenty of entertainment, comfort, and unchartered terrain to go around. Aztec-style pyramid suites, cozy casitas, spas, tennis courts, golf courses, crocheted hammocks, coconut palms, and marble showers are all at your very tan fingertips. Climate ranges from temperate to tropical, thanks to the divvying nature of the Tropic of Cancer. So from jungle to desert, shore to mountain, a cascade of color continues to cast biodiversity across the country’s unmatched landscape.
the adventure
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If you’re up for roughin’ it, journey by boat and then mule until you reach Jalisco, where you’ll find a hideaway bungalow deep among the citrus trees. Or flee to the Mayan Riviera for some parasailing and deep sea fishing. Twist and shake on a boogie board or attend kite-surfing school in Tulum. The coral reefs of Cozumel teem with life that’s aching to be explored, while Mayan ruins await innocent newcomers at the heart of ancient rainforest.
Adventure quivers in every corner – hats off to those who find a way to incorporate it all. Couples can board an old pirate ship for a sunset cruise around El Arco, or go cliff-diving off of La Quebrada. Bungee jump, cave dive, or rock climb up the limestone cliffs of El Potrero Chico. Take a Jeep up into mountain country, making sure to forge a pit-stop at one of the local cigar rooms. After swimming alongside the whale sharks of Quintana Roo, satisfy a worked-up appetite with a plate of tequila shrimp. (Just a little spring break reminder - lick the salt, slam the shot, bite the lime!)
the secrets
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There are over 1000 balnerios, or hot springs, within the Old Mexico regions – prime opportunity for the ultimate of physical R&R. In Cabo San Lucas, treat yourself to a steam cave session, a traditional body treatment, or his and hers massages right on the beach. Celebrate your newly blissed-out muscles with a torch-lit dinner of scallop carpaccio and chocolate clams, followed by a morning-after breakfast-in-bed (mimosas included). Other misty-veiled treats include the ancient walled-city of Tulum, or the blossom-drenched parades and barges of The Xochimilco Festival, where you may honor the goddesses of flowers and dance for a good harvest.
You and your chap may also want to venture into Alamos – once a locale for a myriad of revolutionary movements – venture to a Mayo Indian village by river, or explore Copper Canyon by rail. For a more secluded shoreline away from Spring Break youngsters, try the beach town of San Agustinillo. Espiritu Santo is also superb for seclusion, offering safari-style tents pitched in sand for your own enjoyment. An evening out at a "bare feet and linen" restaurant makes the ideal conversation piece during cocktails back home.
the attractions
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Whether you plunge into the Rivieria Maya or the waters of Maroma, dry off on-shore with a shopping spree in swank Playa del Carmen, or just wine and dine in San Miguel. Nab an example of Huichal craftsmanship - fascinating folk art constructed from such secular materials as yarn, beeswax and wood. A shot of The Cascades de Agua Azul is sure to tickle any photo album aqua, while “The Pearl of the Pacific,” Mazatlan, will soon have you sampling the finely aged bouquet of Old World mystique.
In Angangueo, set your heart a’flutter with some serious examples of mighty Monarch butterfly migration. In a valley surrounded by mountain farms and fir tree forest, lie the nesting grounds for these fascinating creatures, as well as the distinguished El Rosario Sanctuary. If you get a chance, take in The International Mariachi Festival, and help celebrate these hearty symbols of Mexican naturalism and cultural identity.
before you go
What to Expect
Rainy Season: May to October are the warmer, more humid months, averaging around 15-20°C/59-68°F inland and even warmer along the coast. This is also the low tourist season, when you can snag the best deals. It’s best to avoid hurricane season, which runs from August to October.
Dry Season: November through April are the drier, cooler months, with temperatures hovering around 15°C/60°F in central Mexico and higher along the coast. Peak tourist season is from December to April.
Dress light and comfortably – bring a sweater for the cool evenings.
The Lingo
Spanish, English
A valid passport and a tourist card (FMT), usually included in the cost of an airline ticket.
Local Delicacies
Torta: a sandwich of lightly fried bread, meat, lettuce, tomatoes, beans, and avocado
Gorditas: corn patties stuffed with fried pork, chicken, cheese, cream and hot sauce.
Unsafe Areas: The following areas are NOT recommended for tourists: Chiapas, Guerrero, Highways 15, 40 & 1, Jalisco State, Mexico City, Tijuana, Juarez, Matamoras
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