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Posted by Cayla Capri
Monogramming Now It’s Personal
Monogramming now its personal cover full
For the trendiest fusion of personal tags, kick his and hers hand towels to the curb and adopt the hot-again monogram. Monograms combine your initials and are to be set in ink, stone or cake. They peak select items with personalized intrigue, and when stamped with abandon across the reception, they create a sleek and classic theme.
rules of the regalia
Monogramming now its personal 1
Before branding everything in your path, reign in that inner, overzealous kid and become familiar with steadfast regulations. First, get your patterns straight. Monograms unfold as follows: bride’s first initial, shared last initial (often overblown), groom’s first initial. If you’re going modern, either incorporate all four letters, or scale down to the essential duo. In any case, your majuscule remains head of the pack.
Technically, it’s considered hasty to unveil your couple’s monogram before vowing eternal commitment. Of course, marking your invites doesn’t exactly make you a monogramming maverick, so do break with tradition in the name of keeping threads consistent.
do it with help
Monogramming now its personal 2
The web is lousy with adorable templates and online companies hankering to custom create, but if you’re a bit of a luddite, enlist in a local print shop or invitation outfit for hieroglyphic assistance. If Photoshop/Illustrator’s your thing, go ahead and take the DIY route by storm. You’ll still need the décor or cake company to bring your design to life, but that should be no sweat.
When hunkering down to your laptop, remember any logo’s key to success is simplicity. A funky font can hold its own, while clean cut ABC's might want for embellishment (think a ring-around or dividing line). Vintage patterns are forever hunky dory, so if you must get fancy, do it in mary-janes. Just place your initials atop a retro tracing of the same color, and voila, instant opulence of Baroque proportions.
make your mark
Monogramming now its personal 3
Treat your insignia with the same pluck as you would a “Foxy Lady” rubber stamp, and get application-happy. Start with the self-explanatory, like stationary, banners, programs, place cards, menus, dinner plates, cake servers, champagne flutes, candles, the guest book and ring pillow. Next on the docket are details, so think small in terms of envelope seals, garters, kerchiefs, tissue packets, paper fans and parasols, bottled water, wine charms, cocktail napkins and umbrellas, coasters and shot glasses. Eatable delights get personal with iced emblems on truffles, cookies and cupcakes. Engraved lollipops and fruit wrapped in inked tissue paper work just as tasteful-y. Other ginchy ideas include gifting girlfriends with cosmetic bags, toques, totes, sweet T’s, or matching sweats.
For grand scale focal points, try a bejewelled cake topper, ice sculpture, embroidered train, personalized aisle runner or dance floor projection. To get your names in lighting, seek a specialist to create and cast the monogram from a “gobo” (metal plate), and a DJ or venue stocking lights with a pattern holder.