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Health & Beauty
Posted by Cayla Capri
Nail The Look
Nail the look cover full
When you’re hankering for a flirty fix, your hands can end up doing a lot of the naughty talking. A well-groomed hand reads as sign of self-confidence, as well as an artsy expression of suave, attractive up-keep. Pressed for time? Cash crunch? The do-it-yourself method can be just as attention-drawing, not to mention super-efficient, and a cinch to implement. Gather up a few of the essential tidbits – lotion, pumice, orange stick, clippers, file, and buffer – and manifest your very own nail salon in a snap.
primp and pamper
Nail the look 1
Run a candlelit bath to soften up all of those hard-worked corners and crevices of your dainty keratin beds. Massage an open capsule of vitamin E, olive, orangewood or almond oil into your cuticles while soaking your deserving toes in a fusion of Epsom salts and essential oils that include lavender, peppermint, and lemon. Meander there for about fifteen minutes, but try to tear yourself away before the prune-monster look sets in.
the trim-down
Nail the look 2
With a good quality pair of nail clippers, clip straight across so as to avoid nasty in-grown edges. Don’t go crazy – just take care of the bare minimum. Nails that are too miniscule in size are more at risk for eww-worthy infections. Proceed to file each nail, moving in the same direction each time, avoiding the splitting effect of a sawing motion. Taking your orange stick, gently push cuticles down to size, maneuvering the stick in a soft circular motion. To polish off this Nail 101 intensive, break out the buffer, going from its roughest side to the smoothest to end up with a satisfying sheen of healthiness.
a toe-tapping good time
Nail the look 3
Both the daily grind and spiky high-heeled heights will most definitely take a toll on a lady’s locomotive soles as days go by. For feel-good feet that tantalize the opposite sex with their undeniably adorable charms, make sure your extremities get the royal treatment with a luxurious rub-down – try an exfoliating lotion, loofah or pumice stone for supply smooth results.
polish off the job
Nail the look 4
For picturesque tips and toes, the running order is as followed - base coat, color coat, second application, and top coat. A clear polish will suffice for a top coat, while you may want a base that targets any dexterity issues on the fritz – look for labels that advertise strengthening, nourishing, or growth-inducing properties. Try not to jet-set out the door – leave time between first and second color application so smudges and blobs are guaranteed to remain a thing of the past.
wave with flying colors
Nail the look 5
Sure there are rainbows of colors to choose from at your local pharmacy, but you’ll want to pick the one that’s most appropo for you. Fire-engine red is a throw-back to pin-up darlings, while more subdued burgundy or garnet make a stylish choice for the icy winter season. French manicure sets will equip you with nude and snow-white bottles for classy, workplace chic, while iron-clad black always seems to be making a come-back every other season. Peaches and sorbets work well for beaching and dancing, as do turquoises and violets.