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Posted by Cayla Capri
New York City Empire State Of Mind
I heart new york cover full
Take a bite out of the Big Apple couples-style with enough arm-linked strolls, cheesecake bites, and coffee cups for a Nora Ephron film reel. Whether it’s a horse-drawn carriage ride in Central Park, a Gossip Girl text from the Waldorf Astoria, or an iconic skate across the Rockefeller Center rink, New York, New York is the insomniac we love to love.
the romance
I heart new york 1
Bicker and banter Woody Allen-style, but make sure to make-up in downtown Manhattan’s sumptuous Ritz-Carlton. Stretch your legs with some hobo ingenue à la Battery Park overlooking the stunning New York City Harbor. Sneak a peck in front of the illuminated Lincoln Center fountain or upgrade your naughtiness with some ‘second-acting’ come intermission. Canoodle aboard the Staten Island Ferry, posing for a priority photo-op with Lady Liberty. For something snuggier, try a Venetian gondola boat beneath the Bow Bridge, or an awe-evoking pit-stop at Belvedere Castle.
the scenery
I heart new york 2
Thanks to target-marketed Times Square, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, and shoe-hungry 5th Avenue, there’s some kind of eye candy for every kind of gal. Double deckers, classic cabbies, savory street meat vendors, and gooey pizza joints all manage to culminate into a surprisingly harmonious dreamscape of urban sprawl. Get a gander at Radio City Music Hall or NBC Studios, huddle in a ticket queue, stalk a starlet (kidding), or simply don a pair of faux Dolce and Gabanna shades while downing hot donuts incognito at a nearby diner on the corner.
the attractions
I heart new york 3
After scoping out ruff ‘n’ tuff Brooklyn Bridge, make room in the afternoon for the astounding Guggenheim Museum or exquisite Metropolitan Museum of Art. Take center-stage with the New York Ballet or ogle the windows at Tiffany’s for Holly Golightly gloves, pearls and pastries. Between rooftop dining, clubby dancing, Bloomingdales, Saks, and sundaes topped with edible gold – is there even room for a Sex and the City tour in the mix? You bet.
the adventure
I heart new york 4
The view from Empire State Building starts the ticker like a first love’s kiss – on a clear day this escalating expedition is sure to exceed expectations. Cruise the Hudson and the East River before scoring scalped tickets for the Philharmonic. Board the infamous subway, barter for a Canal Street knock-off, attempt Hell’s Kitchen flea market, or slurp Bloody Marys at an off-the-wall Upper East side piano bar – a bodacious, outrageous New York woman lies within.
the secrets
I heart new york 5
Beyond the Soho chic and overpriced lofts, comes Brooklyn hipster counter-culture and Village socialite delights. Among the sensory underground - bistros harboring exposed brick and roast Long Island Duck, a picnic among Strawberry Fields, and a hand-picked vintage from the Chelsea Market Wine Vault. Dusty used book stores, after-hours Chinese food, and Off Off Broadway standing o’s – the biggest stars you’ll be sighting are those in your NY baby’s eyes.
before you go
What to Expect
Spring: April through June are warm and pleasant months (13-28°C/55-82°F).
Summer: July through September are hot, sunny and humid months (20-35°C/70-95°F)
Fall: October through December are cool months with the occasional warm spell (3-18°C/40-65°F).
Winter: January through March are cold and wet months, with the occasional snowfall (-8-5°C/10-40°F).
NYC is full of fashionistas, so dress chic. Dress in layers and bring a sweater, just in case.
American dollar
The Lingo
A valid passport
Local Delicacies
New York bagel: the soft, chewy, doughnut-resembling bagel is unique to this city
New York cheesecake: a rich and creamy must-try dessert