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Posted by Cayla Capri
Nipped In The Bud
Nipped in the bud cover full
Wedding design has given many a city bride newfound appreciation for all that nature has to offer in terms of décor. So if you’d like the composition’s focus to be of the garden variety, but are green to the flower-child game, here is your guide to a bushel of popular wedding flowers’ good days. You’ll get to know your dearest blossoms’ cycles, and learn which budding beauties will be ripe for the picking when. Of course, with developments in grower technology and tropical paradise imports, summer flowers have crossed over into winter’s market and so on. But because you’re attempting to garden an entire hall, affordability has higher stakes than usual. Frankly, it’s just good economic sense to purchase local flowers, in-season.
Nipped in the bud 1
The season of re-birth begets little natal bulbs, awash with verdant spunk and spring-feverish color. Tulips, peonies, zinnias and hyacinths are yours to wrap in ribbons and march down the aisle with youthful pomp. Lily of the Valley, no stranger to the wedding or the wallet, peaks around April or May, making spring the perfect time to (sort of) save on these leading lovelies. Roses, sweet peas, cherry blossoms and lilacs are a few more examples of tenderfooted spring buds.
Nipped in the bud 2
Summer is naturally bloom-happy, with flowers of all kinds popping up anywhere the sun shines. Take your pick from a dizzy display of blue delphiniums, ginger flowers, gladioli, snapdragons, birds of paradise, baby’s breath, star gazers, calla lilies and foxgloves. It should be noted that this list goes on and on, much like those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, so if you’re having a tried-and-true June wedding, you really needn’t worry about a shortage in variety.
Nipped in the bud spring summer collage
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Autumn’s colors are a perfectly reasonable excuse to throw a fall wedding in the first place. A scheme of orange, red and yellow can be as fiery and bold or dusty and country as you wish, and fall’s flora is no stranger to the spectrum of mood this trifecta offers. Flowers available include orchids, juniper, chrysanthemums, gerbera daisies and sunflowers. But to truly exploit the season of crisp air and baked pumpkin seeds, try adding a little harvest crop to the mix, i.e. crab apples, pepper berries, rowan berries and Chinese lantern fruits.
Nipped in the bud 4
Winter’s garden is not the barren desert with spotty sprouts of holly and mistletoe one might expect. Amaryllis and cymbidium orchids are at their best, and daisies, Queen Anne’s lace, narcissus, and pansies aren’t doing too shabby either. Many tropical flowers are up for grabs, and while pricey, can be beautifully and inexpensively offset by ilex berries, red dogwood and pussywillow stems for a stunning juxtaposition merging without an aesthetic flinch.
Nipped in the bud autumn winter collage