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Posted by Cayla Capri
Nova Scotia Ocean Playground
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From inlets of shining sea to flower-laced pockets of the Annapolis Valley - Nova Scotia is an artisan retreat of oceanfront chalets, berry flambé, and morning market antiques. Goose down duvets and champagne seamlessly segway into beach sarongs and tandem kayaks, while kith-and-kin like patrons welcome too-cute couplings with accent-laden open arms.
the romance
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A hand-carved king bed overlooking the Tusket River is just what the sex therapist ordered. Climb into a cedar hot tub for a much-deserved soak, dine on a course of Atlantic salmon and sorrel, or take in an evening of devilish Celtic toe-tapping. Peruse the Gasperau Valley Vineyards for a zesty vintage or watch for nesting osprey off of an awe-inspiring vista.
the scenery
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Acres of moss-carpeted forest, rich historic barrens, and mid-century farmhouses come together to create an uncannily rustic atmosphere, both anchored to the past and tantalized by the future. As country inns thrive among oaken landscape, shimmering harbors cradle bobbing dories, and rare blue heron poise for flight.
the attractions
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Nova Scotia offers the best of both land and sea – forging onward with a newly burgeoning metropolis while remaining true to uniquely authentic East coast roots. For ample memory-making that features equal measures of life aquatic and shop-till-you-drop mentality, why not try:
A Tall Ships Silva Harbor Tour – test your seafaring skills against the waves and salt
Climb George’s Island Lighthouse – what is love if not a beacon in the storm
Make a pit-stop at UNESCO World Heritage Site, fantastical Lunenburg, for a step-back-in-time like no other
the adventure
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Step aside ‘sleepy fishing village’ stigma and prepare to meet an adrenaline-rush gone wild. Ride the tidal bore by zodiac boat with the help of a local naturalist or scan the waters of the Bay of Fundy for humpback whales. River raft for an unforgettably splashy photo-op or take on the winding trails of National Park, Kejimkujik. For a gander at ex-military fort turned national historic site, be sure to tour the regal Halifax Citadel.
the secrets
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Daisy chains and outdoor BBQ pits, floating docks and bevvie-drenched boat launches are just a few of the carefree anecdotes sure to arise from a honeymoon escapade in the heart of Canada’s endearing Maritimes. For a droll and dreamy afternoon, take in:
The sensual swan-laced parks of capital city, Halifax
5000 feet of private beach at elegant Port Joli
All-day maple brunch at Sugar Moon Farm’s log pancake house
before you go
What to Expect
Spring: March through May are comfortable in terms of temperature (10-15°C/50-59°F). There is little precipitation as well.
Summer: June to September are warm and often sunny (20-25°C/68-77°F).
Autumn: The weather starts to get cooler in October and November (10-15°C/50-59°F). Although the scenery at this time of year is especially beautiful, rainfall is also most common during these months.
Winter: December through February receive large amounts of snow and are quite chilly (-10- -1°C/14-30°F).
Light clothing is appropriate when travelling during the summer. Sweaters or light jackets will typically be required in the spring and autumn. Be sure to pack winter coats and boots if visiting in the winter months.
The Canadian Dollar
The Lingo
English and a bit of French in some areas
A valid passport
Local Delicacies
Donair: a pita containing roasted beef, vegetables and a sweet white sauce
Dulce: a popular snack consisting of dried local seaweed