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Posted by Cayla Capri
One Night In Tunisia
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Poised upon the Mediterranean coast, Tunisia awaits honeymooners of a spirited bent. The petite country is dense with possibility (read: beach bumming and culture-hubbing), aesthetic beauty and architectural muses. Just imagine camels crossing sun-baked dunes, thousand year old mosques and honey cakes stuffed with makhroud dates. Come prepared with a hearty taste for adventure, because it takes an audacious babe to swallow that kind of sensory surplus.
the romance
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Book an old quarter mansion, fondouk hotel or Dar Cheraït Palace suite. If the lofty Ottoman accents don’t put you ‘in the mood,’ the decanters of palm wine surely will.
In the vein of theatrical boozing, seek snifters of fig brandy or boukha to accompany sweetened semolina. Once you and your turtledove are relatively sobered, take a lap across a crystallized pool.
If the desert sun makes you feel lush again, find shady solace in medina clusters, stoic archways and magic-encrusted courtyards.
the scenery
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Slipped tenderly between the Atlantic Ocean, Nile Valley and Sahara Desert, Tunisia hosts landscapes of every flavor. Think rolling farmlands, Sahil plains, airy mountaintops and glinting deposits of salt lakes.
Explore palm-lined gullies aboard trusty donkeys or enjoy the resonant echoes afoot. Local towns provide welcome rest, mint tea and toasted pine nuts. At the same time, burgeoning fishing ports and sixth century forts offer incongruous photo-ops and latter-day longings.
the attractions
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Helpings of bouza (concoctions of hazelnut, sorghum cream and grilled sesame seed) compliment a spell of Roman theatres, shopping escapades and operatic evenings. Visit the golden-domed Bourguiba Mosque of Monastir, or the National Bardo Museum, a former beylical palace. Starwoids rejoice in the region of Matmata, incorporated as footage for the opening of the original Star Wars.
the adventure
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Archaeology and myth run in tandem along the Tunisian countryside; the enigmas of a unique culture deposited in troves of discovery. Prioritized pit-stops include Kairouan’s mosque of Ibn Nafee, the tomb of Oglabidin Barber, and Jafsa’s fantastical dig sites.
Board a Land Rover and venture into the heart of Mount Tamirza or the mysterious Tozor. Embark upon Tabarka to visit a hybrid of caverns, caves, and grottos. Finally, fans of the animal kingdom will go wild for Jebel Ichkeul National Park - a serene sanctuary for the purple gallinule, water buffalo, and wild boar.
the secrets
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The city of Douz, or ‘The Gateway to the Desert,’ is a happening hotspot featuring traders and trekkers from all over, bartering for delightful novelties like sheep and spices. The annual Festival of the Sahara offers heart-pounding festivities such as camel and greyhound racing, as well as the enlightening artistry of folk dancing and poetry recitals. Be sure to peruse local cave dwellings, the sleepy Cap Bon peninsula, or the falconry festival of El Haouaria.
Finish your Tunisian journey with an enamored stroll through the exquisite ruins of medieval Carthage and an impassioned embrace against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea.
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