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Posted by Cayla Capri
Out Of The Something Blue
Out of the something blue cover full
Surprise weddings are gaining popularity, but the term still incites the occasional raised brow and ‘say what?’ Just think of it as an inverse surprise party, but instead of a room full of those on-the-in crouching behind couches, it’s two hush-hush lovers setting the stage to spill their dirty deets.
So cue the shock and awe, because the squealing oh-my-god-ness of the surprise partier is practically a dull nod when compared to guests’ reactions over the surprise newlyweds.
surprise weddings understood
Out of the something blue 1
While some gals thrive under the pressure of pounds of fondant, reels of tulle and gallons of champagne, others would rather skip the fuss and go straight for the champagne gallons.
Snuff formalities and invite your peeps to a party under the pretense of something non-wedding related, and either:
announce an elopement
bring out a wedding officiant mid-way and get married mid-pasta salad in a pretty, pretty casual dress
at some point, change into a white gown and begin walking towards your suddenly tuxedoed man (signal wedding march and officiant-in-disguise)
Out of the something blue 2
Don’t throw a surprise wedding if there’s going to be more shock than ‘aww.’ Fair enough if you’re trying to circumvent mom’s musings on table cloths; not cool if you’re passive-aggressively fighting her feeling about the husband.
Totally throw a surprise wedding if:
you’re financially strapped
you’re not financially strapped but would rather spend your earnings on a house/Jimmy Choos
you’re adverse to unwanted advice/insight from well-meaning know-it-alls
you’ve got kids or been married before, and don’t want to make a big show of this go-around
make your life - and party - easier
Out of the something blue 3
Go for a guise that’ll deliver the goods. In other words, build your party around an event that will encourage guests to give you free stuff.
Call it a(n):
engagement party, for the usual presents
fourth of July party, for the sparklers, funnel cakes and rows of lawn chairs you’ll eventually walk down
tupperware party, for the kitchen stock…and the kitsch
Halloween party, for the ability to don a wedding gown without stirring suspicions
springtide celebration, for the bouquets of flowers you’ll demand of guests
bbq/picnic/potluck, for the grub gratis
country/beach cottage weekend, for the best-of guest list and overall coziness