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Posted by Cayla Capri
Outside The Jewelry Box
Outside the jewelry box cover full
Sure a glowy-glitzy wedding gown says it all, but if you plan on donning a simple frock come altar-time, you may want to push it beyond the pale with some alternative accoutrement that can really go oom-pa-pa. Of course, drop diamond earrings will always stand the test of time, but a hoppin’ bridal hoopla is the perfect occasion to crack open the tickle-trunk and spice up your burgeoning fashion vision with princess-perfect ease.
twinkle near your eye
Outside the jewelry box 1
A bejeweled visage of face and eyelid gems is an overtly daring and exquisite way to highlight your heaven-sent features. Look for floral or star-crossed patterns that extend from the outer corner of the eye up to the brow bone, or create an ethereal aura by implementing them into your lash line. Last but not least, a single rhinestone at the inner corner of the eye conjures up a winking hint of midsummer magic.
If you happen to be swept away by this exotic effect, go all out and bedeck yourself from cheek to cheek, along the collarbone, or across your forehead. Use eyelash glue, bindi glue, or an acrylic adhesive on clean, dry skin (just a drop will do), and then fixate your chosen jewel with a pair of tweezers. Allow the first gem to dry before applying the next.
a charmed life
Outside the jewelry box 2
More than likely, a charm bracelet haunts the dresser drawers of your mother, aunt or nana, so ask around and suggest this traveler’s token for your ‘something old’ or ‘something borrowed’ component. Purchase a new charm symbolic of the awesome occasion, and garner a little extra marital karma favor. Polish up each link with a nonabrasive jewelry cleaner and cloth, and then feel free to reach for some open-arm lovin.’ With each hug, you’ll hear the joyful jingle-jangle of diamond-days past.
neat as a pin
Outside the jewelry box 3
Wear an elegant time-piece in the form of a brooch close to your heart and do so with a demure sense of pride. Choose between pins that go big and bold, replete with stunning stone settings and eye-catching facets, or something piercingly dainty – flashing your beholders with the most intricate of designs. If the thought of pricking holes into the delicate folds of your dress frightens you more than an annual flu-shot, opt for sticking it to a satin headband instead.
the locket, the choker and the pendant
Outside the jewelry box 4
Wearing a locket is just like wearing a delicious secret. Only you know what lies inside. A locket on your wedding day is not so much about karat-flaunting as it is about message-in-a-bottle conveyance. Slip a pic of you and sweetheart inside, or a shot of mom ‘n’ pop on their special day, to help settle tummy butterflies and keep you in traditional good stead as you brave the aisle.
A choker is a classic example of understated edge. Its design can be softened with the help of intertwining leafage - or massively maxed out with rock-chick thickness. This look definitely draws all kinds of attention to all the right places if you happen to have a swan-like neck or strapless dress.
back and beyond
Outside the jewelry box 5
The fascinating lariat-like bauble, the back dangle, is worn as a necklace that drips diamonds or rhinestones down the spine of the adorner. It adds a luxurious amount of sexiness to any bridal ensemble, but is of course, best emphasized by a backless or low-cut gown. Add one or more rope-necklaces on top of the back dangle if you want to really layer on the glitter-power.
siding with the angels
Outside the jewelry box 6
A side tiara is a little darling hair-flourish that truly mixes things up with its subtle cherubic charm and ab-fab flirtatious wit. A snap to incorporate into any bridal hairstyle, the side tiara simultaneously expresses both coy vintage and hot-to-trot modernity. Choose between designs that skillfully utilize sprays of Swarovski crystals, caresses of feathers and rosebuds, or auras of shimmering silver fronds.