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Posted by Cayla Capri
P.S. I Love You
Postmark of love cover full
Stationary, quite contrary – make your graphic arts side grow rose-garden style with blossoms of unmitigated accents and letter-pressed whimsy. Know the options are endless - just trust your creativity to take off with paper-plane ease once you get the ball rolling. Put up as much fuss as you’d like when it comes to ruffling and trussing up your save the dates, invitations, and thank-you notes - these fanciful babies are sure to stick around for years to come, as exquisite little W-day mementoes, and crepe-like tokens of pen-point perfection.
masterpiece paper
Postmark of love 1
Handmade card stock, marbleized envelopes, discreet pocket folds filled with showerings of confetti – these are the silver bells and cockle shells wedding stationary is made of. Graphics of grained wood and dried African violets create a naturalistic ambience, while candy floss pink and bold black add a hint of mystery à la Parisian salon. Embellished gold and gossamer green, royal blue and egg-shell ecru, or chocolate brown and periwinkle all make eye-fetching color pairings, able to swirl into striking patterns of polka dots and veneer line work when and where your feathered plume desires.
put a stamp on it
Postmark of love 2
Call them what you will - emblems, symbols, or motifs – these magical icons help textualize, visualize, and fancify the ‘je ne sais quoi’ essence at the heart of every love story. Birds, blooms, filigree continual to be peach-pretty decos for invitations – the trick is to keep the theme train running. If you’re going with a regal Victorian monogram on the invitation, consider enclosing your thank-you notes with a waxen seal bearing the same love-logo. If you opt for a silkscreen cloth with mesmerizing Asian characters, your R.S.V.P can sport a shan-shui watercolor.
please mr. postmark
Postmark of love 3
Think outside the mailbox with an extra-special stamp of authenticity – think save-the-date pinwheels that count down the days with little surprise quotable potables. Join the yearbook committee with a photo collage of you and Handsome inside a jacket-flapped invite, complete with nostalgia-scented bio of first glimpses and kisses. Step back in time with a trip down the cyprus-lined Nile with sent-out scrolls – guaranteed your guests will be intrigued by the elegant antiquity. Enchant your readers with a storybook-like invitation, conjoined with twine binding and daffodil-yellowed leaflets of soft folkloric text of Hungarian prince and princesses.
Include a program booklet with a sensational running order of the night, or vintage postcards that friends and fam will find hard to part with come reply time. Model an invite off of an art-deco marquee poster or Carnivale ticket stub. Seal in taffeta ribbon, personalized stickers, a build-your-own miniature favor box, or 100-acre wood like map sure to get everyone to the church on time.