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Posted by Cayla Capri
Paper Weddings
Paper weddings cover full
If our paper dolls taught us anything (and they taught us a lot), it’s that discrepantly, the flimsiest materials can be the most malleable. Incorporate paper of the tissue, cardstock and rice variety into your wedding and watch the décor blossom like an accordion-folded crepe flower held open by waxed dental floss.
on the paper trail
Paper weddings 1
The paper roses you made for your eighth grade boy toy were cute and everything, but now that you’ve upgraded to fiiine man-wise, it’s time your paper flowers went the same way.
Say goodbye to highlighter accents with:
paper tissue pink carnations (so retro) to infest dinner tables, or strung garland-style beneath street lights and trees
little red roses set sparingly amongst twigs - they’re American Beautiful
egg-carton bouquets – they sound grungy, but according to the picture set below, all they need is bold acrylic paint and hot buttons to be art
yum, paper
Paper weddings 2
Any paper-bag princess worth her weight in lunchables would go giddy for:
cocktail umbrellas sans offensive Hawaiian shirt patterns
completely impractical, completely adorable spinning paper menus, that so-slowly work to reveal the margaritas, lamb curries and raspberry parfaits offered up
paper fan cake accents: more delicate than a flower; significantly less delicious than a marzipan flower
adorably festive crêpe paper candy poppers
vintage makes stuff better
Paper weddings 3
Anything covered in paisleys is pretty, period. Same goes for florals, birds and anything that would look appropriate on your grandma’s couch.
party blowers that takes themselves very seriously
paper crane garlands that don’t look like they belong in your laundry room
'adult' pinwheels (everything is better ‘adult,’ so say all non-virgin drinks)
Paper weddings 4
A lot of the DIY projects out there are downright intimating - yet incredibly lovely and impossible to pass up.
Try your hand at:
homemade parasols – they seem daunting, but the results are so cute you’d think you died and went to candy land
Paper weddings collage