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Posted by Cayla Capri
Parting Gifts
Parting gifts cover full
Those out-of-town devotees making the trek to your great, capping hook-up merit thank-yous of palpability, and preferably, edibility. A complimentary bucket of champagne by the tub or a.m. room service gratis are gestures worth doling, no doubt. But sometimes, whether you’re hoping to penny pinch or not, a grab-bag jam-packed with stuff is just more fun and interactive. A goody basket outfitted to the T, waiting patiently back at their hotel room, should do the trick. But what to fill it with? Anything practical, sentimental, cutesy or yummy works, especially when followed through with a ribbon and thank you note of short, sweet stature.
the fundamental things apply
Parting gifts 1
When assembling your guest basket, simplicity, as always, reigns supreme. Setting them up with the essentials, like bobby pins, lip balms and lotions won’t make your hamper drab, just thoughtful. Besides, you can always up the ante with fab little twists on the bare necessities, like bottled water with homemade labels, lewdly shaped soaps, and a vintage, kitsch sewing kit. For chivalry’s sake, include directions to the hall, a list of hip spots to loiter, museums and galleries to meander, and restaurants with personal stamps of approval.
all in good form
Parting gifts 2
If you’ve left the flowers, lighting and makeup to the professionals, this could be your crowning creative moment, so take advantage. (Also, give yourself a pat on the back for delegating.) Bath time enhancers, like fizzies, oils, beads, scented candles, bubble bath and wine are no brainers, but you can get inspired choosing complimentary scents and colors.
Sweet snacks are foolproof too, but going for baked goods from a local patisserie will bring a little something sentimental to the gift. Try almond croissants, chocolate danishes, fruit tarts or over-sized cookies decorated with romantic flourish, pink piping and all. More good eats qualified to globe-trot include mixed nuts, dried fruits, and packets of hot chocolate powder.
Get playful with party poppers, stickers and penny candies, tossing in a Frisbee, barrel of monkeys or travel game for good goofball measure. After all, junky kid stuff is for the young at heart, not just the pint sized.
city specialties
Parting gifts 3
Souvenir shop rinky-dink aside, if your town’s well renowned for something, go ahead and unleash a smidgen of patriotism on your guests. If you’re from Vermont, for example, maple syrup could be a super memento, much like saltwater taffy from a Maine hailer or steak sauce from a Texan.
a real steal
Parting gifts 4
If a basket brimming with treats exceeds your price range, find a creative excuse to use a smaller, more economical vessel. Chinese take-out boxes, buckets and pails (especially appropriate for a beach bash), a little glass bowl teeming with chocolate kisses topped with a note of gratitude, or a jar filled with the ingredients to your favorite cookie recipe, will all do just fine, thank you.