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Bachelorette Parties
Posted by Cayla Capri
Partners In Crime!
Partners in crime cover full
Your average bachelor or bachelorette celebration is dubbed as “that one last night of freedom” for the soon-to-be shackled man or woman. But who says this will be his last night burning through beers with the boys or your last night guzzling grasshoppers with the girls? If terms like “ol’ ball and chain” turn your stomach and ridicule your vision of a life of marital bliss, chances are “that one last night of humiliation,” complete with a faux ball-and-chain attached to your ankles (and your camera-happy best friend!) is not your idea of a perfect night. These days, you can follow in the footsteps of celebs like Fergie and Josh, and opt for a joint bachelor/bachelorette party.
While a potential perk, avoiding those embarrassing moments your maid of honour won’t ever let you forget, ever, is not the only reason to have a common celebration. In fact, no one is suggesting that making your party co-ed will make it PG-13. It will, however, make a nice meeting ground for an unfamiliar wedding party. Then again, if you and your fiancé’s inner-circle is “joint” already, neither of you will want to exclude the boys/girls from your celebrations. In any case, you and the mister may consider one another best friends too, and wouldn’t want to spend such a rip-roaring night without your partner-in-crime!
scene of the crime
Partners in crime 1
Anywhere. Really. Don’t write off amusement parks, arcades, laser tag rallies or paintball fields as being too juvenile. This is supposed to be fun, remember? And don’t forget that an adult, wet-and-wild, Vegas-themed night is still a possibility – just as long as you and your fiancé discuss each other’s boundaries beforehand. Comedy clubs, backyard barbeques, and pool parties are a few other festive options, but the ultimate in silly boy/girl fun has got to be the grown-up slumber party. Pit the men against the women in a night-long battle of the sexes: assign a pyjamas-only dress-code,
pull out board games and shot glasses, play a premature game of “newlyweds,” set up an obstacle course/relay race in your backyard/basement and let loose because no one’s driving home tonight!
best of both worlds
Partners in crime 2
Understandably, you may still want some time to dish with the ladies. Compromise tradition and trend by spending the day apart – girls at a spa, boys at a bowling alley (or a spa of their own!) and then meet up later for dinner and drinks. Another option is to go your separate ways for dinner, and then meet up for bowling, bar hopping or a bonfire at the beach.
Do whatever makes you feel happy and comfortable, and you’ll have a successful bachelor/bachelorette party. (Just don’t do it too close to the actual “I do’s,” as you may want a day or two to recuperate!)