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Bachelorette Parties
Posted by Cayla Capri
Party Through The Grapevine
Vineyard bachelorette cover full
A vineyard bachelorette is a pleasurably suave way to celebrate your fast-approaching nuptials. With glasses in hand, let the effervescent scents of fine viticulture waft all around you, while attentive connoisseurs offer up the fruits of their knowledge. No doubt about it, this bachelorette is one class act indeed.
arrive in style
Vineyard bachelorette 1
There is plenty of wine country out there to explore, from California to New England, to Virginia to Nova Scotia. Avoid the touristy crush of a coach tour by splurging on a plush limo service to cater to all of your undesignated driving needs. Have the gals sport classic, casual wear and stock up your weekend bags with goodies and toiletries. Plan ahead for overnight stays – book a few rooms at a local hotel or hole up at a cozy B&B.
palatable pairings
Vineyard bachelorette 2
Pack a delectable spread for a back-road picnic of vintages and cheeses. Match your chardonnay with provolone or a Shiraz with sharp cheddar. For hungrier tummies, pair a semi-sweet Riesling with crab meat or a braised chicken and spinach wrap with a medium-bodied Chenin Blanc. Try to maintain the cheeses at room temp, while both red and white wines should be served chilled.
tour de force
Vineyard bachelorette 3
Now it’s time to experience the lifespan of the vineyard grape – and oh what a life! Nurtured by fertile terroir and bountiful sun, discover how this ripe, little wonder goes from vine to bottle. Keep in mind that wineries are going to be busy on weekend afternoons – you’ll want to attend when staff can devote enough attention to your gaggle of special ladies. Most vineyards offer a visitor center, shops, and tasting room. Decide on a few of your favorite varietals to take back to the hotel for a dusk-swept repast.
You and your besties will soon be referencing the bouquet, body and broadness of wine in no time. But when the cellar door closes, ensure that your escapades with Martha and Napa linger on – in the form of souvenirs like kitschy wine charms or elegant bottle stoppers. Next time the apple-of-your eye wants to celebrate, suggest he let that bottle of red “breathe” for fifteen minutes after opening. Then cuddle up and sip away to your heart’s content!