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Posted by Cayla Capri
Patagonia Heart Melting Sensation
Patagonia heart melting sensation cover full
Take one horizon of soul-searching, road-trip saga dimensions, one virginal night sky still uncorrupted by civilization’s misgivings, and one sense of stillness so heavy you’ll feel celestially weightless, and you’ve got Patagonia in a hazelnut shell. Sanctifying southern South America with peace-bearing critters and lush thickets, this vast and beautifully unkempt region is not the type to get polished, waxed and pamphlet ready. It’s about as pure and primeval as a honeymoon escape can get without being downright backcountry.
the romance
Patagonia heart melting sensation 1
One can’t help but get all existential in the presence of Patagonia’s bestriding mountainside. It’s the perfect landscape to breathe deep and dive in for private smooches while rolling in tall, thankfully neglected grass. At night, take cover from the wild, holing up in a comfy resort complete with vacation-defining spas. If an hour of complimentary reflexology has yet to soothe your aching feet, explore the region on horseback.
Patagonia’s not all llamas and creeks, though. San Carlos de Bariloche, for example, is one of the many tourist-friendly cities boasting a romping nightlife, not without its fair share of reggae bars.
the scenery
Patagonia heart melting sensation 2
Dubbed “The Bottom of the World,” the region lives up to its epithet with an incredible collage of snowcapped mountains, hot springs, plummeting valleys, active volcanoes and bountiful forests. Photogs and outdoorsy types alike have found their Mecca in Patagonia.
the adventure
Patagonia heart melting sensation 3
Head over between November and March to partake in summer activities fit for both land dwellers and water sport enthusiasts, like hiking, diving, white water rafting, kayaking and the region’s magnum opus: canyoning. This is a supervised activity that combines hiking, climbing, pool and canyon jumping into one daredevil of a package.
Wintertime favors the spirited, with perfect, powdery snow-covered volcanoes calling out to skiers and snowboarders.
the secrets
Patagonia heart melting sensation 4
Give adventure a break for a day and relax by a Caviahue or Capahue, two hot springs naturally heated by their neighboring volcanoes.
Visit the ancient caves of Cueva de los Manos (The Cave of the Hands) and Walichu. With mystical handprints lining its walls, La Cueva de los Manos is said to be over 10,000 years old. The latter displays Paleolithic cave drawings dating back 4,000 years.
the attractions
Patagonia heart melting sensation 5
One of the most unbelievable feats of nature is the Perito Moreno Glacier, a 200-foot-tall wall of ice that spans three miles. Listen to the creaks and moans of the moving ice while absorbing a humbling, restorative view. Bathe with the penguins and wade with sea lions at Las Grutas in Rio Negro. The coast, virtually free of wind thanks to the cavernous cliffs, and exceptionally warm waters (often reaching 25 degrees) make for ideal sunbathing conditions.
before you go
What to Expect
Spring: September – November, equivalent to our fall (average 20's).
Summer: December – February are the hottest months (temps can go up to high 30's). January is the prime time.
Fall: March – May, sunny and cool (average 10 degrees)
Winter: June – August are the coldest months (about -2 degrees), best for skiing
Light clothing in the summer, warm clothing in the winter. Bring good shoes!
Peso (CHP)
The Lingo
A passport valid for 6 months
Local Delicacies
Alfajores: traditional cookies that consist of tiny biscuits stuck together
Cordero: lamb of a unique flavor